Timings To Call

Hello everyone,
Rajeev has just shared these timings when he is available on 16th October. They are:
09:30 AM to 11:00 AM in the morning.
06:00 PM to 07:30 PM in the evening.

Kindly note the number will not be available during any other times.
Looking forward to hearing from you guys! 🙂


36 thoughts on “Timings To Call”

  1. Hi rajeev I am great fan of yours we have met before in Vadodara city when you came long back it was very long time you have came to Vadodara for some fashion show I really want to met you again and want to talk to you

  2. Hi rajeev!! Pls call me!! M a big fan of urs!! U r so handsome! I watch ur serial everyday n celebrate ur birthday with my friends! They all wish me happy birthday on 16th! Rajeev pls mail me!! I m dying to meet u! Maybe biggest fan of urs on earth!

  3. Hi rajeev im,fatema i watch ur serial everyday …ilove u so much ijust want tomeet u once or just want to see u once plzzzzzz plzzzz plzzzz

    1. Tm Jo b ho bs zara aram kro sujal sirf or sirf mary h aj unko tmny milny ka kaha h pr aj k bd mt khna sujal or m is janam m to shyd nh mil sakty lakn mrny k bd paka m un sy milon gi agr mry allha pak ny chaha to ameen ameen ameen sum ameen

  4. Dear Rajeev,

    I am Sanjay Tanna from Ahmedabad, Gujarat doing Event Management.
    need your Mobile Number to talk with you regarding event in Ahmedabad.
    please send me your number on my email id.

    Sanjay Tanna

      1. waaao yaar ….itne hi handsome ho or itne ho achhe tumne shadi kyun ki … m bahut chhoti thi jb sochti thi ki tumse shadi krungi….. pr jb no aaya tumhari shadi ho chuki thi …… m 10 me thi jb tuhara serial aaya kahin to hoga ,,,,,, ab meri b shadi ho gai h …. us wqt mere pass koi resource nai thi tum tak pahuchne ki ….na mobile chalana aata tha na lap top

  5. Rajeev meri tamanna hai apko ek baar dekhne ki pls rajeev aaap jab b delhi me aye to mujhe meri mail par btayein mere har saans apka wait karungi..mere bhai ek baar apko mile the aapne mujhse ph par baat ki thi. ..sadia

  6. i m tryng 4m a long tym the no is cumng busy 🙁 nyways a v happy birthday rajeev .i love u…..i m ur v.big fan u luk too cute..:)

  7. Thank you RK for giving us this opportunity and thank you Abhisheek ji for informing us 🙂

    looking forward to hear you…

  8. Dear Shri Rajeev Khandelwal,
    Happy Birthday !!! Many Many Happy Returns of the Day !!!

    With best regards,

    Your ardent fan,

    Dr. Sunil Karande,
    KEM Hospital, Mumbai

      1. , Dream on; that’s never going to happen. About a year later, she taelkd to a Realtor friend of hers about listing her house. She was shocked at the low price her friend recommended selling it at. She put it on the market at that low price, and it never sold, so she took it off the market. A couple of days ago, I experienced a nightmare commute in the snow storm. When I arrived at work, my coworker asked me again when I was going to buy a house closer to work. I told her I would buy when I could get her house for the same price she paid for it in 1999. She agreed that made sense, and we both went on with our day.I should make a t-shirt with a big smiley face on it that reads, Don’t laugh. It happened in Japan!

  9. hmmmm morning might suit me i will try ….if i am able to talk then gr8 otherwise evening for sure …..bahot rush hoga i know but looking forward to hear from u

    keep smiling rk

    ur sweet and little frnd

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