Life is Beautiful

Hi everyone,

Time for a new blog. Actually – about time. So  while i am looking forward to 2014 I am also somewhere reflecting on the past. What a journey it has been till now! And i feel all those who have followed my career should know how I feel about it.

About ten years back when my first daily soap had hit the screens I had hoped that I am accepted and people overlook my shortcomings. Since I was not a trained actor I was learning as I was working. I was not sure whether whatever I was doing was good or not. I was going by my conviction and by my heart. I was not even worrying about rejection as I was just focussed on getting it right. And the day I was told that my first daily soap would be aired at 11 pm I thought my future was doomed. Who would wake up till 11 in the night to watch us ? I started thinking of back up plans, all worried and nervous, as I could see a long road ahead full of struggle. Thought that I will have to start all over again. Finally, the telecast day arrived and the show aired at 11. It took me a week to know that I was not rejected 🙂

The world called it a success – I took it as responsibility. I knew my journey had just begun. The challenge doesn’t lie in getting on the road. It lies in travelling that road. Today when I look back I realise that most of the fears that were ever a part of me at some point or the other were either induced by all those who never walked on the unbeaten path or I generated them myself each time I looked everywhere but inwards. Each time I worked on a borrowed mind, which has not been very often till now, I regretted. Each time I went with my gut, I was happy, whatever the outcome. I kept experimenting with the norms set by the conventional thinkers and kept getting a different outcome. Those outcomes gave me a new perspective and a new taste. A taste which may not have been palatable every time but it was definitely satiating in the end. Today I feel that I discovered myself a lot in the last 10 years and while the discovery is still on I am at least at peace with myself..

I also experienced the unparalleled high and thrill, when you discover something new from your own life. Left Right Left, my second daily soap was on a smaller channel. I did not know whether it will work or not but I still wanted to do it. A lot was at stake. Time Bomb did not work and I was facing the threat of being labelled ‘one serial wonder’. But at times, conviction is stronger than calculation. The success of LRL not just gave my self belief an adrenalin shot, it also spoilt me. I became hungry to grow as an actor. I started hating the word ‘safe zone’. I started looking for the ‘unchartered zone’. I wanted to break myths, break rules and go with my instincts. Aamir, Shaitan, Soundtrack and Table No 21 were all the result of that. Even Sach Ka Saamna was a challenge as it was immediately after Aamir. People thought I should not go back to television after Aamir but my conviction won once again. It would be honest to say that the same conviction has failed me too on some occasions but it never failed me enough to blame it on anyone but myself. The agony was less.

So, here I am struggling to better myself with each passing day. I realised that each time you win, you don’t defeat others – you actually better yourself. You only defeat your insecurity, your weakness. And each time you lose you just lose the match and not the game.

All along, there were good moments, super good moments and and some ‘not so good moments’. Some moments which seemed may never pass also passed. Today when I look back or look ahead I know life is all about moments. Some well spent, some well invested and some just wasted. And life for everyone is a sum total of all these moments. I feel sad for all those who think they are the chosen ones for all the unfortunate things in the world. If one introspects, one realises that it is we who choose the path and inflict pain on ourselves rather than life choosing us to be the unfortunate ones. I realised this pretty early in my life and career. Whatever happens – good bad or ugly, i am responsible for it.

A lot of you wonder as to why don’t I do a lot of projects. Its not that I am choosy. At times I dont find anything worthwhile to sign. At times a few projects I signed did not materialise and a few did not shape up as promised and hence the absence. But it is a part and parcel of every industry. I am aware of your expectations and how you wish for so many things. ‘This year will be better than the last year in term of my appearances.

Year after year when I look back I feel it boils down to just one question – did I enjoy the journey? Whenever the answer is in negative I look inwards and ensure it won’t be the same next year.

So keep smiling and and keep rocking as you always do. We have to do a lot this year. 2014 will change a lot for us because the change will be brought by us! Be aware and stay informed!

Lots of love and best wishes


The picture you see on top was taken by me during one of my Leh trips 🙂

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  1. Hello Rajeev,this is my first letter to any other person ,other than my hubby,your life is so inspiring,I have learnt lot from you,but I should learn to practice,I respect you a lot,I wish you all the very best ,l pray God to give you all success,by the way your face tells,you are very Honest,you are so good looking.

  2. Very beautifully written. I can feel the feelings that you pour in this article Rajeev. I can very well relate with each sentence written in it. Having seen many ups and down in my own carrier, i understand that feeling of increased faith in oneself with every experience. I also feared many things at times. But now when i look back i understand that they were merely induced by environment. I believe those who are your fans and follow you are lucky because you and your thoughts are very inspiring. Far away from the materialistic word yet so satisfying to the core. Stay the same. Take a bow 🙂

  3. Hey Rajeev! I watched lrl when I was in 9th std and I was head over heels in love with Captain Rajveer Singh…what a gripping character… I used to be stunned by ur performance in lrl….and I stopped watching lrl after the end of Captain Rajveer…u were the life of it…Thank u so so so much for playing Captain Rajveer….u have no idea how much that character had influenced my life n inspired me and it is you who made us go crazy about the show. I used to narrate the episodes to all my Tamil friends as dey dint know Hindi…n eventually all my friends started watching the show just for u!!!! U really rocked it Rajeev….n after 8 years I again watched all the lrl episodes once agn and I just fell in love with it all over again…:):)

  4. Hey Raj…
    U know i love you.. :-)*
    Thanku so much…with a smeet smile and warmth hug…
    Your reply makes me happy.
    love to see u.. be in touch…
    keep smile… wish you a very happy life….

  5. Yes Rajeev, we did ,but there was so much colossal damage and loss of life in the city,that it was kept low profile.
    positive side is what i learnt after meeting people is “move on”even after so much personal damage,be it rich or poor,which was motivating.we did our bit to help the needy.When i think about all these worldly imbalance,its very stressful. so i stopped and saw the good side of it.what to do ,SUCH IS LIFE☺

  6. Hello rajeev..
    I know u have read most of msgs posted to u.. i appreciate u to manage time for us…
    I m upset, bcz u had missed my comments.. I didn’t get response for my posts…
    Still.. expects..
    good wishes for you… 🙂

  7. Hi Rajeev,
    Life is indeed beautiful, especially for me,as life has given two times chance,which i overcame with conviction.while reading this blog i felt as u heard my mind and u hav written behalf of me,only the difference is u realised very early
    My thinking ,views everything has changed because of which iam seeing life in beautiful way.
    At present my conviction is very soon i will meet u,luv to hear more things from u.
    I know u want b free from all this halla gulla,but still couldn’t resist to comment .
    May the joy with u!

  8. Hey.. Raj..
    Hope u r fine..
    When u r going to write a new blog 4 us… we love 2 hear from u… plz do visit social sites a little longer to be connected wid us…
    Keep smile… reason 4 many more smiles….. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    R u upset with me???
    No reply for a single msg …
    i will look frwd 2 see ur words…. plz rep..
    love and hugs 🙂 :D<

  9. … a poem…dedicated to Friends
    मै यादों का
    किस्सा खोलूँ तो,
    कुछ दोस्त बहुत
    याद आते हैं.

    मै गुजरे पल को सोचूँ
    तो, कुछ दोस्त
    बहुत याद आते हैं.

    अब जाने कौन सी नगरी में,
    आबाद हैं जाकर मुद्दत से.
    मै देर रात तक जागूँ तो ,
    कुछ दोस्त
    बहुत याद आते हैं.

    कुछ बातें थीं फूलों जैसी,
    कुछ लहजे खुशबू जैसे थे,
    मै शहर-ए-चमन में टहलूँ तो,
    कुछ दोस्त बहुत याद आते हैं.

    सबकी जिंदगी बदल गयी
    एक नए सिरे में ढल गयी

    किसी को नौकरी से फुरसत नही
    किसी को दोस्तों की जरुरत नही

    सारे यार गुम हो गये हैं
    “तू” से “तुम” और “आप” हो गये है

    मै गुजरे पल को सोचूँ
    तो, कुछ दोस्त
    बहुत याद आते हैं.

    धीरे धीरे उम्र कट जाती है
    जीवन यादों की पुस्तक बन जाती है,
    कभी किसी की याद बहुत तड़पाती है
    और कभी यादों के सहारे ज़िन्दगी कट जाती है …
    – किनारो पे सागर के खजाने नहीं आते, फिर जीवन में दोस्त पुराने नहीं आते …

    – जी लो इन पलों को हस के दोस्त,
    फिर लौट के दोस्ती के जमाने नहीं आते … !!!

  10. Hello….
    Hope u will read my msgs… whenever u will get some time..
    I dont know… what to write…
    because u have already missed my comments.. by mistake or knowingly… I didn’t get response for many of msgs..
    Still.. expects.. sorry to bother u…
    Stay healthy..
    good wishes for you…

  11. Hello Rajeev…

    I know.. youhaven’t accepted my friendship.. but its ok.. we should show each other to be gud friends and we don’t know each other so it will be fine..U just take care.. I wish to see u soon in ur new form… miss ur deep eyes.. love and hugs 🙂

  12. Hey rajeev…
    Hello….u know I m waiting for ur responses…eagerly…actually can’t express in words..I can’t order or bound u to rep me..I can only expect….as I really do….I love you….
    Will u like to make ur silly crazy stupid fan that’s me as ur friend….??
    Will wait…plz rep…
    Love and hugs…
    Be happy…

  13. Hello dear sir….
    Here is a warmth welcome with a tight hug..and sweet smile.. 🙂 lots of love and hugs…. have a safe landing…. waiting for ur love….. <3

  14. Gud eve…raj…u know…I text u…and refresh page again and again to see…my comment has been posted?? Weather u read it or not?? Will he rep or not…eager to know…I m sure it sounds crazy and stupid…Bcz I m curious about u more than my work outputs…love and hugs…

  15. Love u..Raj….thanks to appreciate me….u r really down to earth…which makes me more and more crazy 4 u….hugs…keep smile…it suits u a lot…muhaaa….meet me soon….

  16. Hi rajeev…
    Nice to read ur blog…its interesting to know ur point of view abt life..u know…time moves and makes us realize to grow learn 2 improve to be better than yesterday.. as u were afraid for 1st daily soap but u were fantastic…actually many of us watched show only to see u…but perhaps u had improved urself might be some shortcomings, or something for which I m not aware bcz u were best and u r best…superb 4 me…love u… should I tell u about my life?? But I thought u have lots of I should not bother u…as well as I have not achieved something great to tell u…but one day will sure. goes on with some hurdles, with struggle, with some friends and our loved ones….hope u will read my comments…and will reply if u will get some time …hope to be in touch… u..hugs and smiles….wanna to meet u soon… <3

    1. That was beautifully written Nikita. And btw whatever you have achieved is great. Because it is yours! I look at it that way 🙂 love n hugs

      1. Hey smile, deep eyes with charming personality….and much more…wana to tell u one more thing….i have tried to contact u in many ways as started on fb, twitter,mail and finally on blog…u have replied me twice on blog.and it made my day..i m taking snapshots of those to feel happy evey moment…bcz its ur rep..u know it means a lot to me. hope u will glad 2 know that u made me feel very special….and will try always to make u feel very special as I feel 4 u… lots of love and hugs…

  17. The above rainbow picture is awesome!! Too good……
    So you are a great photographer as well…….Excellent ! Would love to see more pictures clicked by you. Do upload some more !
    You would surely have some beautiful pictures from your Nat Geo’s AP trip.

  18. Hello Raj,
    So many msgs and not a single reply from you. Each hour I check to see if you replied to any of my msgs but in vain. All I would say to you is that you make my each day beautiful with your presence. I repeat watch your work everytime I have time off from work. I can’t write dreamy lines to flatter you coz that’s not me. I’d be fake if I did. I immensely enjoy your work and wish you keep doing great work for us fans. I wish you all the best. Sending you lots of love from Toronto. Hugs V

  19. Rajeev please watch Ahalya. . A short film available in YouTube. .just 14mims and has subtitles. .you wud love it I guess..Made by Sujoy Ghosh. . Please do watch..

  20. Well Rajeev, I am just a keen observer nothing more than that.. And there has been no Kapoors, Khans, Kumars in my life ever.. It has been only “The Khandelwal” !! What to do such is your charm !! :))

    That you have spent a min of your life in reading and replying to my msg..makes me feel worthy.. I won’t thank you because it’s too small a word compared to what I felt to receive your reply.. :))

    Much Love Rajeev..


  21. Rajeev , may be because we don’t get to see you very often the thirst inside to see your work more is so immense..
    You are not here to tread the easy path that’s for sure.. Since I am following you from the beginning when I see you now, I understand how you have improved yourself in terms of acting.. You act with so much conviction that every inch of you which can be seen in the frame acts along with you.. Be it your frowns, your hand’s movement when you hug Ananya or even your body language when you kiss Anurag goodnight.. Your eyes oozes out depth and feelings..

    The way you used to tilt your head a little while lipreading in Soundtrack, beautifully portrayed your desire to still try and hear while you know you can’t. . Very minute details but that really defines your class as an actor..

    Well, only being an actor doesn’t make you so beautiful.. The way you deal with your fans is so humble.When you say that you are indebted and you feel responsible towards so much love and affection, I know you mean it from the core of your heart.. You know there is something really infectious about you from the start.. At least who looks so charming even when angry on screen?? I mean come on, have pity on your fans ya !! :))

    Now there’s something which is hovering in my mind for sometime now.. I don’t know if you have already watched them but if not I genuinely insist you to catch up on movies made by “The Satyajit Ray”..All have subtitles so it won’t be difficult for you get it.. I so wish to see you in some of them if it is remade in Hindi. . BTW , won’t you do a Bengali film if something great is offered to you? You know it’s always not the typical stuff happening in Bengali Movies.. Please watch a recent movie called “Antaheen”, it won 3 National Awards and will be a treat if it’s remade in HindI. .You would be a perfect protagonist..

    BTW did you watch Mr.&Mrs.Iyer made by Aparna Sen? I did a cameo in that movie.. :))

    I will keep catching up with you, whether you get time to read it or not..

    Love you buddy !! Keep smiling as it helps me smile.. :))


    1. Hi Riddhi…well i would love to do a Bengali film someday. Lets see when that happens 🙂 And it feels good to be appreciated and encouraged by someone who understands acting more than i do probably. Coz what you observe is something even i am not aware of. i just feel the moment and let go. I may sound humble and all but what i am saying is the truth.

  22. I just want to tell you that I love u….whenever I see u I jst fall in love with you again and again left right left in reporters in your movies….I will be grateful to you if you talk with me once

  23. Rajeevvvvvvvvv…your acting in lrl..i mean cant get over even after so many years..the way you look at naina…your eyes…your starry uniform..your attitude…your walk.. your smile…its undefinable….from prakhar….

  24. So nicely written! No wonder you bagged an award for winning the All India Essay Writing Competition in your school days.
    You have your existential experiences and your expression prowess. Move on in your inward journey and evolve!
    We are born as a seed on this earth and rarely a few among us like you gather enough courage up to get germinated and eventually mature into a flower – for the seed has to die as a seed to become a tree!

  25. Amazing Blog!! I am falling in love with you again and again! You have a beautiful soul and that is what my gut feeling is teling me, I m praying god that i get ur number from somewhere and get to speak to you!!

  26. i am happy to read that u take life so positively… is remarkable and i agree with your words.n hey Leh Ladakh is my dream destination , from which u posted a pic.thanks.

    love n regards

  27. hi sir, i dont knw how often u read the comments here.. but i still would like to share something.. im not a diehard fan like many girls are.. but i find ur roles really gud.. i mean i can nevr visualize anyone doing them bettr than wht u have done.. plz dont think im only buttering u up.. but i saw soundtrack a few days back.. i loved the role.. thou i dint get to watch it completly.. as i have always followd u have a certain spark n detrmination tht shows up in your eyes.. like ure giving ur 100% ..tht inspires me a lot.. u might nt knw but u unknowningly r helping so many people around u awaken that spark of determination in their lives.. thank u so much.. keep doing the best u can n u will really keep inspiring all of us.. bye..:-)

  28. Nice writing Rajeev …
    I try to follow whenever I can to know about your upcoming projects.
    It is very sad to see that your potential is not being utilized by the Film Industry …
    But I’m sure your time will come …
    These are purely my thoughts …
    As I know … you are content …
    My best wishes always …

  29. Your statements about why you dont sign many projects show how honest and sincere you are to your fans. I am really surprised that how an honest and straightforward gentleman like you is surviving well in this industry which is full of hypocrites and show offs. may you remain like this always and may God bless you with untold success.

  30. Wow RK your blog took me to down the memory lane how I used to fight my mom and used to stay awake to watch kahi tu hoga I followed u since then. You are only common actor whom me n my hubby both like we enjoyed all your movies looking forward for samrat & co. All the best for what ever u do spread love and happiness. always keep smiling thanks to tweeter I can connect with u

  31. son……..

    Happy Anniversary…..

    My earnest prayers to the Almighty for a blissful togetherness all your life at any and every step in this long beautiful walk. May this walk be like a dream for both of you making each on indispensable for the other.
    yes 🙂 life is really beautiful…….now I can feel……., beta…….you made me like that 😀
    I’m so happy to get you here …..happy 2014……….thank you my dearest
    it’s very wonderful experience being your fan…….and…….to get you as my son
    keep smiling & stay blessed………always
    Have visited your dreamland house (on facebook ) …simply amazing and mesmerizing. May every corner of that dreamland be filled with eternal joy and love to the brim.

    lots lots & lots of love & blessings for both of you…….. and of course a tighttt hug for my dearest cute dad 😀

    a maa

  32. ‘Winning is not everything. It is the only thing! You don’t play to lose’…fail to understand this samratism, this way of life. Maybe it can be true for a boxing match that samrat plays.
    This, your story, your views about the Game of Life and way of thinking is very relatable. Life is beautiful, what prevents us from seeing it beautiful are our preconceived notions about circumstances and people, our prejudices and fear of losing and rejection. All ugly things.

    You’ve fought your battles well and have dealt with many negative things and good to know that you are at peace with yourself. Wishing you abiding peace and all the very best for future battles.
    And don’t think moments get wasted. They may not yield results in the way we expected, but all that we consciously and unconsciously imbibed/learnt will bear fruit.

    Wish you get more projects, but do not wonder why you do not do a lot of projects. You do things your way and because you do things your way things don’t come easy your way. But you are the only man standing… from scores of cable TV actors who began with you and scores more who came after you. You are where you are, being the lead, doing solo hero projects, because of your convictions. You are in the race. You’ll never be a ‘has been’. Rajeev Khandelwal will always be ‘is’ and ‘in’.

    Enjoy following your fascinating journey 🙂

    You are sure to do more challenging and fulfilling roles.
    You portray a range of emotions…even the most layered and intricate ones with ease. You have this wonderful talent of expressing in words even the innermost thoughts and you have an eye for beauty and capture them very well. Soooo, definitely a script writer and director.
    You might also become a producer…for the Khandelwal khandaan boys…starting off with your nephew.
    There is also an autobiography.

    Life is beautiful. Must march ahead with a self confidence that borders on arrogance that the Future IS more beautiful. As you say… ‘conviction is stronger than calculation’.

    “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”. Faith and Hope… two things that make life beautiful… along with LOVE.

    “He who loves his wife, loves himself”.
    Wishing you and the most precious Gift you are blessed with on this journey decades of happy married life 🙂

    Lovely pics from the photo shoot 🙂

    For a perfect wedlock
    a good husband
    must submit himself to necklocks
    of his sparring life partner 🙂

    Even when the path is barren, and there are dark threatening clouds and it is cold, Life Is Colourful and Beautiful!!!

  33. wow… on occasion of birthday of one of the very beautiful n sweetest friend of mine.. I got a b’full gift from my king..

    it really feels high and buttering inside my heart whenever i read ur writes..

    leh is really beautiful 🙂

    and love u for sharing ur view about ur past and struggle..

    i will always feel pleasure to be wid u on this roadways of life..

    bumpers and smooth whatever it is.. i will like to share all with u..

    might b m miles away but u r always near to me..

    so never feel that u r alone in anycase..

    ur princess
    4m ranchi

  34. Hi!Rajeev.Thanks for such inspirational writing. I am your fan since Kahin to hoga but my personal favourite is Capt.Rajveer from LRL.The way you had portrayed the character of Capt.Rajveer was amazing.Though I am your old fan but never shared my views as I am very introvert.Looking forward to your upcoming movies.All the best and Keep inspiring us.Thank you.

  35. Hi Rajeev. Thanks for writing your blog. I wait to read your thoughts. Please update your blog on a weekly basis. It is very inspiring to see you grow as an actor and as an individual.

    Waiting to see you on the top.

  36. hi rajeev. after a long time i am reading something about you. i am your fan since kahi to hoga. . your journey is very interesting. waiting for more now interesting project in your life. love you.

  37. Really love the blog and the way you think and express. I am one of your many fans who wishes only good things for you. Keep shining as you always do and please stick to your beliefs. Really admire your work.

  38. Finally finallY i got mY 3rd gift 😀
    Thanxx for sharng this whole xprnce wid us..
    as alwyz inspirng.wen i was readng this actually i felt ur presence in ur words like ur telling me in frnt of mE..
    all coz i have lived this whole path wid u in every moment of my life..
    U will not belv wen i saw that v. frst epi of kth my mum forced me to awake on 11pm..& wen i saw ur v. frst scene mY heart said juSt one thing to mE watever happens wid us, its all coz god has planned sumthng really special wid that “Watever” Destiny me jo bhi hota hai har cheez ka reazn hota h..& then i came to knw its nly the begining picture to abi baki thi..
    Nd dekhte hi dekhte 10years kab nikal gae kab huM sab apni life me itne aage aa gae samaj hi nh aya..
    Ur ryt zindgi raahon me khade rehne ka nh..raston se guzarne ka naam hai..
    soo i will find mY way in wich i cud found “U” in mY “Manzill”, Till then chalte_chalte raste gum to honge hi but zindgi dobara milne ka nahi jeetne ka naam hai 🙂

    Thanxxxxxx again for everythng..watever u does for us :))
    And i wiSh this soOper rainbow fill ur life wid fullll of happinesS..nd luVing mOmeNts<3
    Thanxxxxx again..& again for this luVly pic nd sharng ur precious thoughts on dis special daY nd making mY daY worth ®<3
    luV u alwaYz mY beat alwaYz beat in mY heart..
    ur stupid 😛

  39. “LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL”!Yes so true.And its indeed more beautiful after knowing a person like you :).Thanks for the very first blog post of 2014 and for making it such a meaningful one.Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and taking us through your journey.By words and deeds you have always inspired us and I’m sure you will continue to.For us,Rajeev Khandelwal ‘ is the inspiration and then the characters he portrayed though its true that we came to know you through them only.
    . Coming to your stint on TV,i would like to start with Kya Haadsa Kya Haqeeqat-don’t think negative characters looked so charming before that.Kahiin To Hoga-you made a girl who hit bed by10.30 at night,to stay awake till 11.30pm :).and who loved to spend loads of time with friends would rush home to watch the repeat telecast.still remember that perplexed look on my mom’s face. :).Time Bomb was equally engaging and Captain Rajveer taught us a new lesson everyday.Every other show n movie of yours after that only made us feel,”ye dil maange more”.every time you made us speechless and left us wondering what would be next?? 🙂
    . Well,mistakes are only a part of the learning process and when we learn from our experiences we never forget that.So just be the amazing person you are and yes!”Winning is the only thing for you!” :))

    Loads love

  40. Yes life is beautiful….!!!!! 🙂

    it is when I read your blog, it gets even more beautiful when I get to know that you are happy, ur words can never be forgotten. They have an amazing meaning in it…. the best words were

    “I feel sad for all those who think they are the chosen ones for all the unfortunate things in the world. If one introspects, one realises that it is we who choose the path and inflict pain on ourselves rather than life choosing us to be the unfortunate ones”

    I love the way you express your feelings, your success, your failures, your life. you give me the courage to make my own way towards “my destiny”- with hope of seeing myself at a place I always dreamt to be.

    Thanks for being there, thanks for loving us, thanks for connecting with us, every words just seems so less in front of you ….

    just last- Respect you RK forever

    Ur sweet and lil frnd and fan
    Pragya 🙂

  41. Reading ur blog post was a pleasure as always not only because u are very articulate with words but ur words always inspire n whenever I am struggling or facing difficult times n it seems tht I cant handle it,I think tht if the person I look upto can do it then I can do it too.I have learned a lot frm u.I hv learned that it doesnt matter if no one is good to you,only thing which matters is u are good to everyone, tht going against d current isnt wrong if ur hrt feels tht its right,tht I need to love myself too n I m thnkful fr all of this. U have seen many up n downs n thts what makes ur journey beautiful.The most beautiful part of it is u choosed to live rather than just existing,U have evolved a lot as an actor n as a person too.I wish u get all d happiness u deserve in ur life n fr ur career I wish u r not d next SRK or Salman or whosoever U r d first Rajeev Khandelwal.Sky is ur limit.All d best n keep smiling always : )

  42. 1st thing 1st…m lost in d above pic….dt has increased my starvation to visit leh 🙂
    Nw abt d post….d wait 4 d 1st blog post of 2014 of hero is worth it !! d way u hav shared ur 10 yrs of journey is just WOW…yes being ur admirer….I knw hw u feel abt it 🙂 being ur admirer….i hav also thoroughly enjoyed ur jouney….n looking forward 4 more fun in coming years. M sooooo proud to b a Rajeev Khandelwnal admirer…nt nly an actor bt also as a person. Ur presence gives me extreme happiness n smiles. Believing in urself…is like nw flowing in my blood vessels along wid blood. I hav learnt 4m u to b responsible for my win n failures too. While u wr discovering urself as an actor n as a person….we r also getting to watch n knw a new, refresh n better Rajeev with each passing day….its like we r growing together….its nt just journey….its ours too…:)
    Yes….life is beautiful….enjoying every bit of it 🙂 2014 is really imp….looking forward 4 a positive change…:)

    Wish u al d very best 4 watever u do in professional n personel life…always kp smiling.

    yours forever

  43. My best wishes alwazz wit u….n lukin fwrdd to see mre of u tis year…waitin fr ur nxt blog…lods of luv frm ur charmer binjal

  44. Hi… RK u R a Rockstar my super hero My love n my good wishes always with u loads of love <3

    Keep Rising
    Keep Shining
    Keep smiling

  45. Its a wonderful treat to read as always 🙂 & it was all the worth the wait 😀 & Happy to see first blog of 2014 😀
    For sure knowing you…& being your fan has surely made my life b’ful 🙂 🙂

    Glad to know it has been a wonderful & learning experience for you 🙂 & your journey, the way you shaped up your career…learned with your every experience …the way you have niched your place will surely be an inspiration to many 😀 Not only for those who want to be an actor but in routine life & any other profession for that matter… 😀 its important to always strive to do better everytime & learn from our every experience 🙂 & This I have learned from you to always stay positive & confident about yourself :D…& never fear to try something new …always try …if it works its good, if it doesn’t it just turns out to be your learning experience 🙂 🙂

    I have surely enjoyed 10 years journey of being your fan (I’m sure all of ur fans must have) Have been a wonderful experience being your fan, knowing you as a actor, as a person… & Looking forward to more learning experiences from you 😀 😀

    Once again Thanku for sharing your experience of 10years 🙂 🙂 wishing you many more successful years ahead … 😀
    All the best personally & professionally…
    Always Keep Smiling 😀
    Stay Blessed
    Lots of Love & Hugs 😀

    Proud to be a Rajeev Fan
    Will Always be a Rajeev Khandelwal Fan !!

    Purnima 😀

  46. Very well said…… was awasome reading your blog today……..we all wish you a lot of success not just for 2014 but for all the years. And no matter what we will always love you

  47. Love you 🙂
    And I love all your works… May be I am too much biased 😉
    Lots of love and best wishes for your upcoming projects…. Keep smiling <3

  48. First of all thank you Rajeev for this post. I am a huge fan of yours not only because of you acting but when I saw your many interviews I realized that you are not only a good actor but you are a good human being & which is the best point of yours. This blog is not helping you only but it will surely inspire to your fans also to gear up in the life. Thank you once again.

  49. Hello rajeev.. Happy to see yr blog update after a long time.. Keep smiling.. Lots of love.. Eager for all yr upcoming movies especially samrat n company

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