Me, train station and backpack. Cant get better!

Me, train station and backpack. Cant get better!

Yes Manj..plz take a pic which i can post!

Yes Manj..plz take a pic which i can post!

I can talk to anyone!

I can talk to anyone!

Will live my dreams!!

Will live my dreams!!

I love trains!

I love trains!


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  1. Rajeeve sir….
    Being a fan its a request to you that please create an official page on fb n atleast once in a month or its ok even a year came with fb chat with us….or on live stream …..
    It ll be a direct interaction of you with all ov uss all ov your fans…..
    N i think we desrve this to have few precious hours of you time…..don’t we……???
    It ll be a pleasure to see you in live stream or have you on fb chat….n for your fans it ll be like a dream turning into reality…so please seriously consider this suggestion….n if somehow this is not possible…then its ok…we ll keep loving you unconditionally…..

  2. Hi Rajeev,

    Was and still your fan from Left Right Left. Won’t bore you with big messages. Just wanna say that when I watch you obviously LRL or any random excerpt on you-tube or any of your movies, I feel goosebumps over me, I smile ceaselessly like stupid, imagine seamless and finally feel drops of water when don’t know how to meet you once. I am not selfie girl and real self conscious but still typing with goofiest smile and loud heart.
    Just want to know if you ever coming to Bangalore. Would be happy to say hello and and happier to get a smile back 🙂

    1. Hey Priya…no plans for Bangalore of now but next time I land in your city I will hope to see you. Till then plz accept my best wishes and love. Hope you are smiling 🙂

      1. Thank you sir….
        These politics n hatered i don’t know from where they originate n whats the philosohy behinde…anyways done for onscreen date….
        N sir please suggest me some good books as the way i think you are… your taste regarding books ll exactly match mine standers….so please sir whenever you are free suggest some books which you thaught are worth reading…

  3. Hi….
    Em from pakistan…
    N a huge fan ov yours personality……… n i believe the characters you play are just the reflection of your soul….
    I like you the way you are….n the reson behinde that you ressembles me…so i think you should be a bit proud on it..
    I know em not gona to meet you ever….but still i wish to have a coffee with you…anyways take care….n please come up with another show of rajeevs style…

    1. Hi Iqra..Coffee!! Where do we plan it? Pakistan or India? Let the administrators of our respective countries resolve their issues and then we plan it. Till then let’s plan a date onscreen soon. Lots of love to you. And thanks for your suggestion and wishes. Will consider for sure.

  4. Hey,
    Happy Birthday Rajeev!
    I Wish all ur dreams come true, from what I know u live ur life as it comes, Not dreaming.
    Have a great day & wonderful year ahead.
    Wish I could see u back on TV soon.

  5. Hi Rajeev….
    You are a successful person in your profession .I have been watching you on the Tv, i really like your personality .your deep brightened eyes always hypnotized me whenever i see you.I wish to meet you once in my life atleast.May Allah bless you ever with long lasting success…Ameen

  6. Hi ! Rajeev Sir i dont know if i will ever get a reply but still writing…… I was not knowing about u until Reporter …. but after watching that i just cant stop myself from becoming ur fan …. after that till right now i had started watching all ur shows may it Kahin Toh Hoga, Time Bomb, LRL or be it movies Aamir, Shaitan, Table No. 21 or Fever …. well I am from Ahmedabad …recently i read on Google that u had studied I guess (B.Sc in Chemistry) from St.Xaviers College…. I wish u keep doing good works, and we fans keep admiring ur works…. love u….. have a beautiful life ahead.

  7. Hi, Rajeev i Don’t know what should i can call you Sujal rajeev or Some thing els what ever your name i choose it’s cool for you what ever you do when ever you go i never miss any off your show movie news magazine collection off your images i have a dream i want’s to meet you once before Death and i was working heard for that i Pray for you do best in your life i want to see you in new roles i hope your comeing with something new i’ll wet for that till that time i have youtube or other sorce to see you all of them my favorite is kahin tu hoga my live start for you from this only and i’ts naver end o wish i cloud meet you once,,,,
    Thoda sa Pyaar huva hai kuch nahi baki

    Best Wish For you,,,
    Lot’s Of Love.

    Best Regards:
    Reshma Shaikh,

  8. Hi Rajeev,

    I am watching Reporters again and its Amazing serial. I like You and Your Smile. Missing You on Television. Do You have any plans to come back on Television? Waiting for your new Serial. 🙂


  9. Hi Rajeev sir,
    Iam Rojaleena from Bhubaneswar, Odisha working at SOA University
    How are you sir??
    I am a huge fan of yours since left right left serial.Your personality in real or reel life always inspired me .I have sent you many messages in twitter & your official website but unfortunately not getting a single reply.I understand you may be busy these days , if you are free then plzz reply my msg .. I have a small & sweet wish to have selfie with you. when are you coming Bhubaneswar..again??
    lots of love..

    1. Hi Rojaleena…Sorry for not responding but here i am finally. I guess selfie will have to wait for a bit as i am not coming to your beautiful city anytime soon. But i hope till then this reply will suffice? my love and best wishes to you.

      1. राजीव जन्मदिन मुबारक हो।
        खुश रहो,स्वस्थ रहो,प्रगति करते रहो।
        स्नेह सहित

      2. राजीव जन्मदिन मुबारक हो।
        खुश रहो,स्वस्थ रहो,प्रगति करते रहो।
        स्नेह सहित

  10. Hlo dear rajeev sir ur so good in acting as well as choosing projects honestly I didn’t knew u better b4 watching REPORTERS but d day I knew u I was glad on my choice how do u manage to reply so many of ur fans I read ur replys to ur fans n it was almost for everyone ur so amazing sir no one inspired me more than u did n 1 thing sure to tell any actor in d instry don’t do such things for there fans which u do ur so good sir I hope to become jst like u…..lots of best wishes for ur upcoming projects n waiting for them breathlessly…. jst luv u sir ur smiles r amazing ur childish smile,ur excited smile,ur crazy smile,ur romantic smile ur every smile kills my heart every time I see them….luv u a lot hats off to u sir

  11. hi sir
    i thank u so much for giving me strength and moral support from ur side..this helped me in writing nicely for my 10th boards exams(icse)
    Almost all my papers went on very good
    after u inspired me i have gained more confidence for my career
    Anyways thank u so much for everything
    nd yah i also saw ur stills from PRANAM shoot…….all d very best for ur movie from me
    Once again THANK U so much

    with gr8 love respect nd regards

  12. Hello sir… r u? Hws ur shooting for PRANAM……thank u so much sir for ur moral support in choosing my profession….. I m grateful to u……..with great LOVE respect and regards ur character as Kabir Sharma was the most inspiring for me….ND ur jaane sepehle wali baatein..I still remember them….one of them is my ideal….anyways……
    Thank u so much for anything ND everything thank u…….

  13. These all are cool awesome pics . I watched your interview in which you said , you like if your fans share their achievements . I have never shared this thing with anyone but thought to write it here( since I have freedom no one knows me thus psychologically it is easy to share with strangers ) In my teenager age happiness means rain , train and endless travelling . I was quite happy person with my family but yes had dreams but never expressive , very rude person . My pleasure and world was around my study . I graduated as faculty topper and was keen to teach my subject to other fellows. With some patience i got job but not in my parent university ( as I had to leave my hometown and it was first time I left my home though I was happy as long as I m gonna teach ) . Within 8 months of job I cleared another test to get scholarship . Girl who never travelled alone from one city to another flew to aother country . I never knew my teenager wishes will come true i landed in city where rain has home and trains are luxury to sit . I travelled a lot ranging from Scottish highlands to Sydney bridge , Eiffel Tower , Swiss Alps or marina bay . I literally lived my life here ( I knew in my heart I am brave and bold but that much !) only came to know when I left my home . So life is surprising we should live it enjoy it . I am not that old I just completed my 26 years . My dream is to buy My own cricket team Or have my own pharmaceutical firm

      1. Hi Rajeev,

        It gives me absolute pleasure in writing on your blog. I felt a unique experience when I looked at the pictures posted on your Gallery.

        Amazing Photos! You look like you and that’s just beautiful. Each and every picture is incredibly beautiful.

        I’m a great admirer of the ‘Person Rajeev’ and your work. And, what makes you unique is your ability to capture audience whatever character you are associated with, the dedication to your work and the ease with which you essay your roles.

        Reporters was a very different experience for the viewers, contrary to the everyday soaps. I truly enjoyed viewing each and every episode…’Jaane Se Pehle’ was out of the world!!!

        I have always wanted to know how you are able to be a simple and down to earth person that you are despite your tremendous popularity on the small screen and the silver screen. You keep your Personal life and the Professional life so different ( you enjoy spending time with family and are a big lover of travel and like to explore new places ) and while at work you are awesome in every role ( you choose roles very intelligently) and You are a Go Getter! Hats off to that!

        Traveling is my passion too. I have travelled a lot too and my next dream destination is Alaska.

        What has been your favorite and the most memorable holiday / adventure spot and why? Could you please write a bit of that experience whenever you find time? Hoping for a favorable response.

        Regards to you.

      2. hello rajeev my name is hina i like ur show an ur movie i am a big fan of urz most of i like u serial reporter i like ur acting in that hope u reply me god give u all u need i n ur life love alot from hina

    1. Hi Rajeev

      It was great to watch you in fever,it always is a treat to watch you.

      Keep up your good work eager to watch you next.

      Plz advise when we can watch you again.

  14. hey rajeev, after a long time binge-watching left right left.. and it is working more than all the medicines i have to take for this damn fever…. you are and always will be my favourite actor.. and thank you so much for playing such amazing characters.. love you…

  15. Hi Rajeev,

    Your 31st December 2015 blog was simply good. Curious to know which is your next movie project and why are you doing only selected projects and mass commercials !

  16. sir what do u think………is becoming a reporter a good career……i mean i know that today their is much struggle in every profession………but i m asking bcs my parents r not supporting my decision on becoming a reporter.they say that it is not a sure profession…………
    so i need ur suggestion
    i know u r an actor but still as u did the role u may have got some idea of the hardships of this occupation………
    NEED UR HELP…………….

  17. love you so much rajeev!!! you will always be my first crush :* love you always.. may you get all the happiness of this world!!!

      1. Hi Rajeev sir im Zohal ur big big fan just love u and ur great work u r my first cruch im watching ur all shows and films not missing any of them i have alots of dreams but one of my dream is that i can meet u

  18. Dear Rajeev,
    I have always been an admirer of your work. I had written mails to you some years ago and I had got a reply form you too. But in the wake of time and a hectic schedule, i had lost a lot of touch about your projects. Just recently i had a chance to see some clips of reporters and I must say you look terrific.
    Needless to say Rajeev, your pics are amazing, lovely and extremely lively. Handsome that you are, the pics will surely shine. But there is one more thing that I loved in the pics other than you is the bright yellow coloured mode of transport. It is an amazing vehicle. Can you write about it a little?
    love and regards.

    1. Hi Priyanka…how can I not respond to your query!! It took me a year to create it! Well the subject in context is My yellow customised Scorpio. This was one of my indulgences in life. I had this dream of owning a camping car which I could take to Leh and around and spend days in wilderness. So, I sat down with the design guys and spoke shared my fantasy. They couldn’t replicate it but still managed to do a good job. So if I can show off like any boy let me tell you it has a fridge inside, is a four seater(bucket seats), state of the art music system, navigation, a detachable cycle stand, boot space for luggage, additional space for dry wood for Bon fire etc, sunroof(wasn’t there in the original make) and a few other camping friendly things. I have done more than five such trips to Leh and wild life sanctuaries and Himachal and Uttranchal vagairah vagairah…..see, you asked for it. You got the boy in me totally revved up with your tiny query 🙂

      1. nice, Rajeev…could u post pics of it from the inside…even though u dropped engineering u did put it into practice with this car of yours…n also as I’ve said many time…we wanna c ur Goa house.

      2. Hi
        Your Scorpio looks dashing in yellow colour in the backdrops of mountains. Cool Scorpio for the super cool Rajeev. Nice to know the interior of the vehicle. Good ideas implemented

      3. Dear Rajeev,
        Thanks for that description. I am sure driving such an amazing customized vehicle must be a superb experience for you . Your description fairly satisfies my vision of an SUV. I too love driving my car and go on long drives. I particularly love driving my daughter Rama around. She loves being in a car. Whenever (that is sometime in the near future, I hope) I own a big car, I will customize it as per my dreams with special considerations for Rama!!!
        Wish you all the best.
        Love and Regards!

      4. Hi,
        Quite interesting to know about your cool Scorpio. As you travel long distances how do you manage safety issues, if with family? Did you face any problem anytime while travelling such long distances? What precautions are we supposed to take if travelling long distances, driving our own vehicle? Any interesting story of your journey connected with your ? We would love to hear that too..if you don’t mind…akila

      5. Awesome designer, Rajeev khandelwal! Could you atleast put the picture of the fridge inside your car, if not all the parts listed above…u showed off, got us all excited abt it n now not willing to share pics…that’s not nice 🙁 …actually, it would be nice if u put a video of it!

  19. Hi Rajeev!
    You are looking terrific in all the pics. Kindly do post more and more. I am really very happy that you share your pics with your fans directly!! So sweet of you <3

    Lots of Love….
    Farwa Kazmi, Lahore, Pakistan

  20. Hi Rajeev, yet another day! Miss u my hero. You are my source of inspiration, my heart, my everything. once in life i just want to meet you and want to say my feelings to you, I wish that day come soon in my life. Hope you are very good and wishing you all the best.

      1. Thank you so much #MyHero for replying me, I just can not tell you how happy I am, Seriously it is big day of my life, I just hope i can meet you everyday, can share my problems my happiness with you. I can’t stop my feelings about you. I am big big big fan of you Sir and I hope we could be friend.
        Saying good night in your style, A small dialogue from Reporters,
        “Raat to bas yun hi Subah Ke intezaar mein Kat Jayegi,
        Lekin Bahot Jald Savera Tumhe Dekh K Hi Hoga,
        Bas Apni Nazarein Hamesha Yu hi Mujhpe Rakhna!!!!”
        Love You So Much & Miss You So Much.

  21. Hi rajeev sir
    U r awesome jub bhi aap screen pe ate ho u make me happy and smile. I just loved ur all shows and movies,I m ur big fan since lrl and kya hadsa kya hakikat se leke reporters tak and all ur movie I saw it.I love ur all work abtak meri himat nahi hoti this aap ko message karne ki but aj new year pe mere birthday day pe bohot himat karke I want u to say that I love u so much ur just best .
    Reporters ke sath u made my last year awesome and I hope we can see u more on small screen as well as big screen….
    And thank u for being a part of our life !
    Love u rajeev and happy new year hope u will read this
    With love

  22. Hi Rajeev !!!
    A very good morning nVery Happy n prosperous New Year. I wish this new year bring lots of success n prosperity.
    Earlier in my your blog I had asked a question whether Salt Bridge movie will be screened at Mumbai? How we are able to see.
    Eagerly waiting for your reply this time.

  23. i Dear Rajeev Wish you Very Happy Prosperous New Year 2016. This new year brings lots of joy, happiness , success & Prosperity in your life. U r my Roll model n Idol. I tried a lot to connect with u.. Send lots of mails, tweets but u didn’t reply me. Feeling lil sad, because whenever I met u I never ever feel that u r a Rocking Biggest superstar always feel u r my wellwisher & friend but it’s my bad luck I lost my Sweetest Raj whom I met… Rajeev I have one demand please you post a pic of yours with Lovely BABY Barfi… really wants to see eagerly…Lots of love n Regards to You. My Best wishes r always with you. Miss u a lot my Angel… Still I’m waiting n believe that one day I will really get a chance to work with my IDOL, MY HERO MY ANGEL…Lots of thing I learned from you & wants to learn more n more…. I know your best wishes r always with me.. Wish one day Will meet you again. I know u forget me. You’ll not reply me also. But I Love u a lot Raj & WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER.
    Take care.
    Keep smiling.
    Yours biggest Fan,

  24. Hi Dear Rajeev Wish you Very Happy Prosperous New Year 2016. This new year brings lots of joy, happiness , success & Prosperity in your life. U r youth Icon n specially u r my Roll model n Idol. I tried a lot to connect with u.. Send lots of mail, tweet but u didn’t reply me. Feeling lil sad, because whenever I met u I never ever feel u r a superstar always feel u r my wellwishsr & friend but it’s my bad luck I lost my Sweetest Raj… Lots of love n Regards to You. My Best wishes r always with you. Miss u a lot. Wish one day Will meet you again. I know u forget me. Take care. Yours biggest Fan, Vedika.

  25. Respected Rajeev sir,
    i am a big fan of urs. may be ur show REPORTERS did it…but actually ur character ‘Kabeer sharma’ has inspired me to become a journalist…..
    i got to know from u rather ur show,that media has great can change the world…..i m small now(15yrs)but i m sure of my career just bcs of ur character
    So,i hope that ur character ur ‘jaane se pehle’ wali baatein will always help me in the hard times or problems of my career…
    Thank u so much sir for helping me choose my career…….dream to meet u,may be as a reporter,taking an interview of urs
    I hope for a reply

  26. Hello,
    Life is about creating memories and cherishing those memories!!! My friend and I just created the best memories of our life. I live in USA and my best friend in India. I got a few days off from my office last week and was planning to spend the break relaxing/sleeping at home. But, I ended up spending my break watching “Reporters” day & night (yes, I actually was up watching it until 4:30 am most days).

    There are many other good looking actors but I believe that a real actor is the one who can impact someone’s life with his/her acting skills. I decided to watch “Reporters” to give company to my friend, who met with an horrible accident a year ago. By God’s grace she survived the accident where an elevator fell down from the 8th floor. She has just started walking a little bit after a year and was again advised a complete bed rest 10 days ago due to some complications. My heart goes to her! We got so hooked up to the serial that we watched it day & night last week followed by our daily phone conversation to talk about it. Then, I noticed that my friend who was crying every day and was in pain few days ago has completely forgot about her pain and has been laughing with me each day we discussed about Kabir Sharma’s acting. Not sure how long her journey to recovery will be but we will continue to talk about Kabir Sharma 🙂 and the days & nights we have spent watching him. Great acting!!! and yes, excellent serial too with perfect direction.
    We are probably not like your other fans who have watched all your other serials and movies but will always remember you and your acting whenever we will talk about the memories we both have created last week watching you in the serial. I have finished all episodes in 2 days and still watching it repeatedly. My vacation will be over in a next few days and guess what- I will be back in office sleep deprived, more tired than I was before my break started but still will always remember this vacation forever :-). I really wish my friend and I can meet you some day!

    Best wishes!!

    1. Hi…I am glad my show could bring some happiness in your friend’s and yours life. I wish the two of you the best in life. Keep smiling and I hope your friend has recovered fully by now. Love n hugs

  27. Merry Christmas Raj Sir!
    Hope U’re in the best of health!
    Just dropped in to ask u something!
    Where’s my Christmas gift?? I don’t know if Santa exists..but for me it would be u! 🙂 Hohoho! Love.. Muah!

  28. Hi Rajeev sir,
    Thank you so much for the reply… I am such a huge fan… I am actually so happy… You made my day!!!! Love you always… You are my idol sir… Thanks for the reply once again… Stay happy cause’ we are happy when you are…

  29. Thanku sooooo muchhhh for replying! And u said what I always wanted frm u! Thank-you handsome! U’ve no idea what I feel right now!❤ Much much much love

  30. Hii Rajeev…
    I am your huge huge huge fan, I watch your every films & serials, I just love your style and what to say about your acting SALUTE man.
    I deadly waiting for your next films and projects. Please tell us when DOA and Fever will release and is there any hope of Reporters 2???
    Please please tell us
    Keep continue doing great work.
    Lots of love and regards…!!

  31. Hii Rajeev,

    First of all I would like to Wish you a very Happy Diwali and a prosperous new year ahead!!! How are you doing?Missing you a lot on Twitter these days… I have sent a letter to you on Twitter, I hope that you get a chance to see it..I am waiting for your revert on the same!!!

    I miss you so much!!! It had become a habit to watch you on TV with Reporters…And now it seems a void within since the show is now over…. Plz come back to TV soon…

    I have written a small tribute to Reporters on my blog…I am sharing the link of the same with you….plz read it.. Your comments mean the world to me….

    Plz reply to my msg Rajeev!!! Also plz try to revert to my Twitter msgs..I know u read them, but if you reply then I would feel elated…

    I love you loads today and forever

    Loads of love,

  32. Thanks a lot for your reply…. I am dying to see you n meet you just least once in my life time. I love you truly… I am very shy n innocent kind of girl and my three magical words is only for YOU … Hope you will understand my feelings ….May God bless you in every steps of your life 🙂 stay happy always.
    Yours truly fan
    Lopa 🙂

  33. Dear Mr. Rajeev,

    I am a Hindi short film director currently in the process of making an anthology of 3 short films with a innovative connective script. In the film there is a character (Double role) for which i like to approach you. but not finding any contact no. from this official website of you. The character is very nice and I think you will love it.

    Hence, if you interested, you are requested to kindly sms/whatsapp your contact no/your manager contact no to me @ 9811267752 or email me

    with regards

    Natesan Muni, Delhi

  34. hii ,
    Rajveer (Rajeev)
    No one ever makes me feel like you do when “you smile “….so keep smiling… 🙂 n always be a REASON of my “smile for NO REASON”..
    oh yes… looking superb like always, no wonder….. u rocking man…. 🙂 (Y) (Y)

  35. hii ,
    Rajveer (Rajeev)
    No one ever makes me feel like you do when “you smile “….so keep smiling… 🙂 n always be a REASON of my “smile for NO REASON”.. 😀 😀

  36. hi ,
    am a big fan you and rajeev aamna jodi… i just wanted to ask that when are we going to see you and aamna sharif together again on small screens and not in a cameo will be a treat to see you guys as a couple again…hoping to get a reply from you…


  37. Hi rajev i am big fan of u and priyanka bassi i want you and priyanka bassi back toghether in tv serials .you and priyanka are perfect couple.pls reply.

  38. Hello Rajeev….
    I m really happy to see ur beautiful pics…
    U looks awsome always…. Charming personality with killer smile….
    When i see ur post, updates, photos… all makes my day beautiful…
    Love and hugs… for a wonderful actor….
    Wish to see u soon… 🙂 <3<3<3 🙂

  39. I’m reaching out for words to compliment such lovely snaps! Captivating looks! And especially loved the part “Yes Manj”! How lucky she is to have you…she can spend the whole day looking at you :D…And U r equally lucky to have her..I feel u guys make each other 🙂 Love to you both n yes! Once again the pics made my day! My face lightens up! 🙂 So much in love I m ! U love me na??

  40. Hi rajeev amazing pics u look awesome. Its said that as age advances tend to look old but ur becoming hotter day by day. We request you to come back on television soon. Waiting to c u back. All the best for your upcoming projects. But on television we are hooked to u everyday. I msgd lot of times before but didn’t get any reply. Plz I hope this time u c my mail &reply me. Atleast it will brighten that day for ur sweet fan. Plzzzzz reply. Waiting for it eagerly. Luv

    1. Sorry Kanika..was on a chutti of sorts and will continue till the end of the month. Hope you are doing good and smiling right now 🙂

  41. Oh rajeev i just luv u and ur smile and ur dimple ..☺☺ awsmm !! Lolxx.. wish to meet u as soon as possible just hoping so !! ☺☺ …. a request ?
    Its that please just keep smiling and come up with another show just like kabir sharma !!

  42. Hi dear Rajeev,
    I am one of yours big big fan… Glad to see yours stunning pics… You are looking so handsome and dashing that i loved to see ur pics again n again . U r always in my mind…….. missing you………
    Pls reply me 🙂

  43. Dear Rajeev,

    Thank you tons for posting such lovely pictures. loads of best wishes from heart to you


    Loads of love hugs smilesbest wishes & success


  44. :)to 😀 please. Pic which was not intended to be posted on blog…jyada request karvane Ki to nahi soch rahe aap:). Karoongi bhi nahi second request rejected means aap nahi karna chahte and I completely completely respect your decision.

    Loving this new look!! Blog obviously!!

  45. Hero !!

    I go WOW after seeing your pics !! All those pics were taken by Manjiri mam? It’s super professional! ❤ Your going to compliment her from my side… okay hero!!

    And yes loved the inputs I got from ur visit at Bay area !! You rocked in the suit and that big smile you sported the whole while !! My exams (5th sem) were going on .. And I am know to be the “Girl who gets too stressed up for no reason”.. And hence couldn’t send anything to my hero via Chaitali di.. Was preoccupied with my stress and books!! Felt bad when I realized that it was too late after my exams !! Well i think I must get used to feeling disappointed because when it comes to being a fan gal my luck seems to ditch me!!
    But I was really happy when I saw all the pics and especially when I saw ur interview hero ❤!! Cant wait for fever and your other projects !! I know your going to Rock and rule !!

    God bless !!

    Shiny Shajil

    PS- Can we get a pic of My hero and his lady Love Manjiri mam? Its not a big request isn’t it hero? Pretty pls ?

  46. Dearest Rajeev!
    Lovely pics must say that Mrs.Khandelwal is the great photographer too :):)
    Really fabb photos,loved each of them.BTW you looks evergreen handsome always in any pose.
    Stay happy n blessed
    Keep shining.
    Lots of loves, smiles n hugs to you 🙂
    Love you …always!

  47. Hiiiii rajeev,

    You are a great human being having a great soul. I just find my friend in u. I hope this time u answer me. Love u rajeev. you achieve all ur dreams this is my wish as a friend.

    Lots of love rajeev

  48. Aww… I came on the blog just to say a Hi! And what do I get a lovely visual treat. Awesome pics Rajeev. Please thank Manjiri from me for such lovely clicks.
    Eurorail, backpacking what more to ask for. Fun way to live after hard work of 6 months. And you smile says it all.
    Your smiles bring a tinkle to my eyes and bigwala smile on my face. So you keep smiling and shining.
    Hugs and lots of Love to you Mr. Dreamy.


  49. Rajeev,

    Just a day or two ago I had read Sonia suggesting JavaScript and man you took her seriously (P.S: me and Sonia became friends in club Aura so could relate why she suggested that )

    Nevertheless you really take your fans seriously, Love you for that ❤️

    I love your new language of pictures.


  50. Woohooo !! Finally, Raj sir acted on our requests… New pictures! You look superhot and amazing in all pics. Nice
    Along with this beautiful surprise, can we see another piece of artwork in form of your writing on the blog!!? Eagerly awaiting…
    Love and hugs on your way always
    Yours Daman.

  51. OMG!!! Someone is looking soo hottt!! 😛 <33
    But I wish we could see a pic of you and Manjiri…..please just one!
    And ofcourse, miss you soooo soo much, hope to see you back soon.


  52. Hiii

    Wow!!!Simply loved d new look of the blog…Lovely pictures and impeccable captions…Again left me wondering how you manage to look absolutely alluringly stunning always…And I love trains too


  53. sir ye bohut kam pics hai ye nainsafi hai thode aur pics upload karriye plzzzzz aur aap bohut handome dikhre aur aap plz mujhe ignore mat kijiye 🙂 🙂

  54. haayee gallery updated me to aapki smile dekh kar faint hogayi sir aap kitne handsome hai mera pyaar aapke liye roz badhte jaara love you sir :-* :-* :-*
    best wishes from nimra 🙂 🙂
    Hpe you will reply

  55. Gallery updated! Yay!! Beautiful pics…really with awesome poses! U look amazing as always! Your smile brings a wider smile on my face! Keep Shining handsome !! Much love.. muaahhh❤

  56. Hii Rajeev,
    First of all thanks for updating ur gallery:)
    I like the two pics the most. That are so cute and so as the caption. First one is ur asking manj to take a photo to upload.. That’s so sweet and u full filing our demand for pic;) And the second one I can talk to anyone 😀 that is also sooo cute. From this Can I conclude that u can talk to me too 😉 love u so much… :*

  57. This was a swoonlicious treat & fangirl can just go on staring…
    makes fangirl go all dreamy & just Swoon. ..
    Bigwala thanx for updating here…
    As I always say,
    Keep Smiling & Shining
    Get more handsome & Awesome with each passing day….
    Stay Blessed…
    Love YOU…
    Lots of Hugs & Love….


  58. Hi Cutewa..
    Big big wala thank you for updating gallery..Ishhh I m dead seeing droolicious pictures.. uff !

    Keep Smiling bcz Smile luks bestest on U..

    Love & Respect

  59. Wowwieeee!!!!! A revamped blog and more thudddd!!! I mean more pics 😀 Superb!!!! Thanks to the photographer n the model 😛

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  60. Hi,
    what to say which you already do not know! one thing is missing ….your ear to ear grin :D. please post one grinning , no baggage, no worries, I am just MEE wali pic. Plzz PLzzz Plzzzz!
    Can you do one favour please…..can you please pass compliment to Mrs. Khandelwal ( Manj for U only 😉 ..) . Her clicks are beautiful !!

    See Yah!!
    Shaveat Arora

  61. Woow
    What a splendent pose!! With slight blue effects..
    And Your face look like sunshine the blue sky…
    But one complain, ” you update your gallery after long time and it with ONLY ONE pic”.
    Please update more..

  62. Hii Rajeev,

    Have I written something wrong that my comment is still awaiting moderation??? I am really sorry if I did so…I didn’t mean to do it intentionally…

    Love you loads forever…

    Yours forever

  63. Hi are you..
    Happy Diwali..I don’t think I will be lucky enough to get a reply from you on twitter does hurt.but then I know it is not intentional.Recently having been watching Samrat and Amir. with my family …and thoroughly enjoyed them .My husband and son too like your work as they have acontent and are not mere song and dance numbers.Rajeev I wanted to ask you two questions…how do actors switch on and off emotions..
    or is this a myth…so you continue to feel what to express on screen for àome time?My second query…I have visualised you in certain roles.,..they are all related to literature..first as Darcy from Austen’s Pride and Prejudice ..then as Atticus Finch…in To Kill A Mockingbird and finally as Trovald in Ibsen’s Doll’s House.So any of these appeal to you.?Rajeev have you done theatre?I would love to see you in the role of a lawyer.Rajeev..I live in Goa..could we ever meet you…when you come here …meeting you will be a dream come true my friend…that is who you are for me and regards…Rita.

  64. Hii Rajeev,

    First of all I would like to Wish you a very Happy Diwali and a prosperous new year ahead!!! How are you doing?Missing you a lot on Twitter these days… I have sent a letter to you on Twitter, I hope that you get a chance to see it..I am waiting for your revert on the same!!!

    I miss you so much!!! It had become a habit to watch you on TV with Reporters…And now it seems a void within since the show is now over…. Plz come back to TV soon…

    I have written a small tribute to Reporters on my blog…I am sharing the link of the same with you….plz read it.. Your comments mean the world to me….

    Plz reply to my msg Rajeev!!! Also plz try to revert to my Twitter msgs..I know u read them, but if you reply then I would feel elated…

    I love you loads today and forever

    Loads of love,

  65. Hi HERO:) M onlyn aftr 100 many days aisa lg rha tha jaise m is duniya me sbse alag or apki is fannagar se b bhot dur:( actualy my exam r near so m prepairing 4 tht. I knew ki apka #usa me ek show tha n wha archu di b jayegi bt muje unse ye khne ka moka b ni mila ki mere liye b 1 autograph lana bcz i wz offline:( bahr ki duniya se bilkul bekhabar! Bt today is diwali so m not khpaying my head in study:) i thot m twitr pe ni aaungi exam tk bt jb bi m apna dhyan apse htakr stdy me lgati hu tb tb mujse bhot se chance mis ho jate h lyk “live chat with u on air” n now apka ‘autograf’ lene ka chance thts y mera pdhne ka mn ni krta;( well! Maine apke liye ek #greeting bnaya tha apne hatho se:) u told na ki apko handmade #gift acche lgte h so i made 4 u n i think ap ke pas aa chuka hoga plzzzzzzzz btana jrur kaisa lga;) n in the end ‘Happy Diwali’ your little princess(Monika Goswami)

  66. Hello rajiv sir…,,
    Juz dropped in to wish u a very prosperous deepawali… wish u happiness, laughter nd lights nd ofcourse infinite love..:) stay happy, stay blessed… do let us know how blissful was ur diwali.. take care..xxxxxxxx

  67. Raj Sir… U know what..!
    U don’t have to light Diyas today!
    Just flash a smile 🙂
    Your smile is enough to light up the whole world around..n I mean it !
    I’m reminded of a song by Taylor Swift~”sparksfly”
    It goes like this…”I’ve seen sparksfly whenever you smile.. ” and another line “I’m captivated by you,baby,like a firework show”

  68. Phool ki shuruvat kali se hoti hai,
    Zindagi ki shuruvat pyar se hoti hai,
    Pyar ki shuruvat apno se hoti hai aur
    apno ki shuruvat aapse hoti hai….
    * Happy Diwali *

  69. Hi Rajeev ji… how r u???main aapke ek crazy fan hoon….i just love u…Aap itna handsome Q hoo????….. Aur saab kuch itna perfectly kayse kar leten hai aap????? I wish may aapse kabhi mil pati……. anyway,,, Take care…… love u sooooooooooooooooo much………………….

  70. U replied that’s everything for me…I know u love ur fans but I guess u must be busy a bit..Nevertheless we love u so much…just keep letting us know that U’re here with us…Twitter seems dull without u..n I don’t know ur other fans very much either..they chat with each other n engage themselves discussing cool…but I feel alone…that’s why I decided to let u much I miss u…. Thanks for being here…and Raj Sir..I wanted to tell u so much..I thought of posting it on Twitter but now I’m thinking of writing it here on ur blog so that u can read it in personal…would do it asap…Love <3

  71. RAJ SIR!!! Where have you been?? Do u have any idea how much you’re MISSED! I wait for u every single day on twitter hoping that u will be online sometime soon! Every night before going off to sleep i tweet u in wait of some reply…But now I CAN’T RESIST this! I miss u badly! Plz plz plz…cure this…even though I know U’re somewhere near me..but I feel the void…seems like u r away…not in touch with us…Don’t do this to me…I love u so very much…I can’t express how much! I need u to be right beside me…Please notice this super crazy fangirl of urs. . . Much Much Much love …hugs n kisses

  72. Hi rajeev
    How r u just wanted to say I really miss ur serial reporters n just wanted to ask/ know r u an anagram at isthmus n a longish as in all ur serials n movies there is something related to anagrams code or different languages
    I know u r a very busy person n font reply to all BT plz do reply me plzzzz
    Love u

  73. Hiiiiiiiii!!!!!!
    Thanx a tonnnnnn for replying….:) though u didnot answer one ques bt m absolutely satisfied….:)
    Agreed dat things purchased wid d frst earning z always special…. i hd bought a kodak camera wid my frst income… i was only 14 ,back thn i usd to give tution to some kids… even today, wen d world z using ‘technically smart cameras’ i love to stick to my old camera..

  74. Hiiii Rajeev….ur pics r rly rly awesome….i hv been watching u in tv serial kahin toh hoga……n recently in Reporters ur acting was rly superb…i hv als watched ur movie Table 21….4 times….loved it…..☺……n als cried a lot after watching it……n i rly wish to meet u if u cme to Mauritius one day…..

  75. Hi Rajeev

    You are awsome.I have seen all your t.v shows and movies as well .I really like the way you do intense scene.Your eyes are so expressive.You can make anyone fall in love with you by your simple looks and smile.I am die hard fan of u………

  76. Hey rajiv,
    Me disappointed…:( u said we shall keep interacting… bt u hardly show up… i know we fans r vey demanding. The more u do to keep us satisfyd d more we start expecting frm u… bt wat to do, u spoiled us;)… ab bhukto… nt our fault u see…
    Neways complains aside, i actually hd a few questions to ask. Didnot find d answers newhere on d internet… u may find it cheesy bt i couldnot hold myself frm asking… here it goes…
    1. quite a few times i hv noticed a ring on ur forefinger.. i wanted to know wat stone z dat?? i guess dats topaz bt i may b wrong…
    2. during d serial REPORTERS u didnot show up in two episodes, it showed dat u hd a fracture nd dat u hd to fly off to meet KL, remember?? were u on leave thn, if yes, why?? m asking because d show never meant nething to me widout u in it…
    3. who z ur fav actress i would lyk to know(consider mid 80s onwards)
    Hoping to get a reply, ignore if its too boring, wont really complain.. 🙂

    1. Hiya! How are we 🙂 so the ring I wear is yellow sapphire(Pukhraj). I don’t wear it for any other reason except that it was bought by me with my first salary when I was about 19 or so. I just have emotional value and this ring is one of my most valued possession.
      And the two episodes when I was missing in Reoprters I was in Goa. That was the only chutti I took during the entire shoot of Reporters. And picking up one actress from 80’s will be a task. So..leaving this question unanswered. Hope you are doing excellent where ever you are. Love n hugs

  77. I jst watched samrat and co……awesome movie. your acting so good……if you read bengali detective story if “Feluda” written bi Satyajeet Roy…you will feel like feluda

  78. U 9 wt HERO…..when i MISS u i put my hand on my #heart bcz it’s the only place i’m sure tht u’re in it..!! There z no special reason 4 this cmmnt. I jsss wanna steal a single moment out of ur bsy life & hope i can make u smile n say ”i love u” your little princess (Monika Goswami)

  79. Hi Rajeev sir,
    Did you received my mail or mgs?Many times i post a mgs but i did not receive any reply
    from your side. I am missing all of you (Reporters team) and specially you.
    Love you and awaiting for my mails reply…….

  80. Hey HERO! Really busy in studies these days so m not much active on twitter:( really missing our #pagalpanti on twtr;( n due 2 lack of time i can’t write more soo jsttt a SIMPLE :*I LOVE YOÚ:* with a Tight wali ‘Hug’ your little princess (Monika Goswami)

  81. Hello Rajeev.
    I just had a look at your pictures.Very Very BEautiful pics and i mean it ,you are a real life hero.Please check your mailbox.i have sent you many mails..Waiting for your reply.
    Best wishes and love.I hope to see you on TV soon.

  82. I Just watched Table No.21 for d 9th time ..
    I just felt like pehli bar dekh raha hu .. just awsm acting .. aapka acting itna real hota hai kya batau.. jab main 4th std me padhta tha tab se aapke serial Kahin to hoga dekhte bada hua hu … thank you so much Rajeev sir acting karne k liye … #Big Fan of Urs … aapka v ek reply mil jaye to mujhe lagega Fan k baatain aapne at least read kiya ..

  83. Hi Rajeev
    u r a sweet heart Rajeev. How beautiful and happy to hear u talking to ur fans. I never c such a humble nd lovable actor. U r just fabulous both as an actor and as a person. U r an inspiration for me.
    Just love u alot. Lots of love and respect..

  84. Hi Rajeev,
    Again traveling with Sujal now. Heart touching act at each point. U r soo talented.. Really proud to b ur great fan. Gbu.
    Love and hugs

  85. Hi Rajeev ji…..I wish main aapko ek bar dekh sakti….Main aapko lyk korti hoon since kahi na kahi toh hoga…jab aapne uss serial chor dea tn maine bhi dekhna bandh kar dii…aapke har serial,movies,interview maine dekhi hai….sab kuch hai mere pass…Maine sab kuch download karke rakhi hay..may sari raat online apke serial dekhti hoon…mere pas sab hay pher bhi…meri phn ke wallpaper pe aapka pic hai…main pagal hoon aapke liye…meri family mey bhi sab jante hay ke aapko kitna pasand karti hoon… I just crazy about u…. I love u.

  86. 😛
    I forget it is your birthday today..
    actually I am in hostel ..
    otherwise my sister would have reminded …
    Sorry ..
    & Happy birthday ..
    many many Happy returns of the Day..

  87. Happy birthday Rajeev sir….the best actors till date ever seen.
    You are just amazing nd pls c. If u can recall shruti raheja as I am her niece . Anyway loads of my love to u❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Thank you
    (Die herat fan)

      1. Thank you sooooooooo much for the reply Nd yes after her the best person living is only you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
        Happy birthday once again

      2. Thank you sooooooooooooo much for the reply . You hv always been my role model and inspiration ti I am 13 currently nd u will always remain,as my role model nd ispiration,nd yes after her u are d best person living is only u❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  88. Hai RK

    Many more happy returns of the day & many many many many many many many many more to come.

    God bless all happiness in the world.

    Take care

  89. hiiiii rajeev how r u i hope u r fine and i pray to GOD to your success and happy life
    PLs give me your Number My dream Is To meet YOu

  90. Hi Rajeev
    Your costumes in LRL for captain Rajveer was superb. Every outfit was dead match for u. Awesome… Captain Rajveer singh shikhawat is my favourite character of u and then kabir sharma. I wish to c u onscreen everyday Raj. Please b on screen everyday. Your sweetsa cutesa smile make my day. For that smile jaan bhi de sakthe hai…. I really wish to send u b’day wishes for u.but unfortunately one of ur officials said time over for getting ur contacts…. But my wishes and blessings r always with u. No matter that I m thousands of miles away from you but my wishes will reach u by heart. Wishing u tons and tons of happiness to u and ur family.keep on smiling..

    Always love you alot

  91. Hi rajeev
    Hope all is well
    I really feel very bad coming to know that reporters is nearing to its end
    I am a very crazy fan of urs n wud like to invite /offer u a trip to Kenya aud love to take u on safari too
    Plz except my invitation n plz do let me know
    Love and regards

  92. Hi Rajeev
    U r filled with positive energy. In ur words in ur works in ur looks everywhere… I just love it..
    U r just awesome …
    I really love u for that.
    Lots of love
    .. Shalu..

  93. I m watching LRL again and again. U r damn good as captain Rajveer singh shikhawat.. Wat a dialogue delivery with strong looks. U r just awesome.omg…
    Lots of love

  94. What about my share of the love…? Waiting for your replies since so long….even on twitter…is this crazy admirer of yours not being noticed??? 🙁
    But u know I love you so very much! This love grows every single day! Staring at ur pics n thinking oh he’s so drop-dead gorgeous…more by nature 😉 I know nature would matter more to u than just looks…! 🙂 But ur looks are no less…Seeing u smile…makes my day! the way u love ur fans is so adorable…U have a heart of gold! Acting is beyond words! Words wont justify that! Love You much more than u do!
    In wait of a reply 🙂

  95. Hii rajeev,
    I watched the pics in ur gallery….u r looking soooo so handsome….but this gallery is soo small as compared to gallery in my phone or laptop which is overflowing by ur pics ..serials,movies,interviews..etc…u look so fabulous..muah:* I want to meet u once..I
    And I hope this dream come true so soon…luv u soo much…enjoy ur vacations and hv good time with ur family….
    Aj to ek reply banata hai…I am waiting
    Luv n hugs….:*

  96. Yesterday’s Jane se pehle was superb… The best one..
    U r just awesome..
    Badresh Kutty” ninga supera irikinga.”
    Lov u..

  97. Hi…
    With reporters coming to an end … it means we won’t see u as frequently on screen in the near future… but having followed ur work meticulously n havinf seen evolve better as an actor with every new project .. its just an indication that fans like us will have even better work to appreciate .. keep the good work going….

    Nice pictures.. love from ur fans in Kolkata… ☺

  98. I was always a great admirer of yours…bt today it was a real joy to know that you write so well…eager to read more.wish u and your family a great life ahead☺

  99. Hi Rajiv sir,
    you looking awesome in these pics.. u r too hot nd u have a sexy voice :* u have too cute n innocent face 🙂
    cute hot = Rajiv Khandewal :
    * kamaal ho aap I love youuuuu

  100. Phew!!! That gives a sigh of relief Sanjana. So expect my bang on your door anytime 😉
    Love! Keep smiling 🙂
    Take care!

  101. Hi
    Thanx a ton for replyng.. nd thanx for d complement too… i wud love to see u here, there nd eveywhere else…:-) will always b more than happy wid watever u do bt juz one request… plz keep doing more romantic dramas…

  102. Hi rajeev!!
    Guess wat?? I juz realized wat a class of a moron i m… here i m waiting for ur one reply all day long nd refreshing d page ones nd again juz to make sure i dnt miss out ur reply, while i hd nvr lft ne comment on ds page, instead hd dropped a mail by mistake… i actually intended to post it here…
    Neways though i cannot recollect all dat i hd written there, all i wanted to say z, sir m a huge fan of urs… its amazing to see dat u r a great writer as well…. i nvr knew ds… y dnt u write books?? U will leave behind so many authors do u even realize dat!! Ur thots r clear nd u r vey vey expressive… u hv d potential to bring a change in d society nd believe me wen i say ds m nt at all flattering…
    coming back to ur acting skills, now wat do i say, m falling short of words… again ur eyes r immensely expressive nd ur acting intense… for romantic roles no one can beat u… u should do more television so dat we ‘laachaar fans’ can hv more of u.. offlate i hv learnt dat d recent serial REPORTER will come to an end soon:-( dats vey sad… u nd kratika r great together, though i always imagine me in her place;-) dats crazy i know… bt dats how it is…

    although m nt willing to end it here but i dnt want to bore u wid a yet longer post… u already hv so many other posts dat r seeking ur attention… i really hope to get noticed inspite of d fact dat u hv a huge fan following… again b4 putting an end, i wud request u dat plz keep writing more nd plz keep doing more of television… xxxxxxxx…

    1. Hi! You are way more expressive than I am 🙂 Thanks for all the appreciation. Yes, Reporters was meant to be a limited series always and it is coming to an end soon. I will come back on TV the moment something exciting comes my way. Till then I will see you here, there..somewhere 🙂 love

  103. Hope you have a beautiful and bright life ahead. Luv u for your acting skills and characters you portray inspiring us. Plz do reply. Tk cr all the best.

  104. Hi rajeev

    Thanks for replying really appreciate it
    My son aays hi to u n wishes u luck.
    Best of luck in ur upcoming movies/serials

  105. Hai Sanjana
    Hahaha that is soooper cute Sanjana. On the contrary, my memory often get crashed seeing Rajeev’s pics. So hope I also can depend on you for more of them 😛
    Stay blessed n keep smiling

  106. no no no no…. lost a lovely admirer? nyah..nvr possible.
    level of admiration increased manifold nd reached a different stage altogether.. my friends are calling it obsession. :p i dont knw n i dnt care.. its lyk who said love fades with time..

    why dont u visit Kolkata during the Durga Pujas some year.. please plan n i promise the grandness of the festival will nt disappoint u… thats d best time to visit Kolkata, all decked up with lights n colours…

    u have no idea how u lightened up my day… 26th sept is now officially my luckiest day.. thank u thank u thank u rockstar..

  107. Hello Rajeev!

    After reading your blogposts, I must say, you are beauty with brain (sorry, I couldn’t come up with a proper male-version, but you get what I mean?).

    I hated you for quitting Kahin Toh Hoga. But I must say I am glad and impressed to see the ever evolving quality of your work. Nowadays, I do not watch Hindi series that much. But I started watching Reportes only for you. The Newsroom which aired on HBO was my favorite series. The void it left after three seasons was filled by Reporters. Keep up the good work.

    Well, I am one those many fans of yours who arrived at this blog while stalking on the web. Just wanted to let you know, you are one of the rare people I admire… a lot! Hope to see you in lots of movies, and many more shows.

    With love and regards,

  108. i am dancing… i am dancing…
    realised wat an aweful dancer i am.. but nevertheless i am dancing.. nw i am sure i dint grow up… :p

  109. Thanks a ton for the beautiful reply. One last question to disturb you if any production team plans for a third season or something on the same lines with finite episodes would you like to b part of it. Sorry I tweeted same thing on your account even. Hope for a reply from your side. Love and best wishes for your up projects. We want to c u on tv as well.

  110. Hello rajeev I am dr kanika a huge fan of your serials and movies. This is a request from all fans worldwide for your comeback in left right left season 3with the original cast. We are ready for a finite series like reporters but plz we want to c you and priyanka bassi in a happy ending. We know it is very tough but not impossible. Your acting today has beaten all the new actors along with your great looks. We would love to c your movies as well as your serials too. Hope we get a reply from your side. Hats off to your acting skills. Now you’re the Amitabh bachchan of television industry.

    1. Hi Kanika..thanks for all the appreciation. I hope I live into all your expectations in future. LRL is history now and a new season is not in the making as of now. Also I have no say in any production. I am just an actor who picks up projects from whatever is offered to me. I hope you enjoy my future projects as well.

      Thanks fr writing to me. My love n best wishes.

  111. Hi Rajeev,

    First time I am checking your Blog, Your Pics are amazing Rajeev.
    I m your big Fan ……
    Kahin tho Hoga was my fav. serial, AAj bhi jab bhi mujhe time milta hai main wo purane Episodes dekhti hu. .I love your Style, Aamna aur Rajeev ki Jodi best thi. 🙂

    Tum hamesha is Tarah hi shine karte raho.

  112. I am a hugeee fan of u..,being just an adoloscent..I love u as a fan…I have watched ur films or shows specially reporters a million times..I have even seen u in my dreams four times…u r just beyond words…I seriously don”t have words to describe u and hr personality…u r something speechles..I would like to meet u…best wishes…
    From ur craziest fan
    Best wishes

  113. Dear sir, i admire you since i have seen you in kahin to hoga.i saw the episode of spending night in hotel about 10 times along with my sister.i am watching reporters for last few days.i admire you even more now. It’s nice of you to have a blog of your own.where we can interact with you. Even my baby watches with me.i hope he would grow up to be a handsome man like you. Well, i hope i could meet you in person some day. It sounds silly,i know. However,i am looking forward for your reply. Greetings from Taheed’s mommy.

  114. Hi Rajeev,

    A lovely photo gallery.. but however my cell’s memory consists of 60% of ur photos, so u know if u ever have a hdd crash, i can back u up.. :p .. i have been a fan of urs since kahin to hoga. back then i hated aamna(jealous string) 😉 , then in left right left i kept the legacy on by hating priyanka.. but then i grew up finally.. so now i am deeply in love with kabeer and ananya both.. basically i loved kritika since kuch to log kahenge.

    just like ur photos i have a dvd of every movie of urs and i have enrolled the high speed untld internet to watch ur serials.. a few episode every day.. my saturday sundays strictly booked for u. on weekdays i get back home at 10pm ( I hate my ofce for that) and i inevitably miss reporters.. but then i wait for it to get uploaded online.. i watch it n only after that i get to bed.. thanks to all the websites and ur fb fan pages.
    i dont know if i would evr see u aamne saamne.. but will u please let me know if u ever come dwn to kolkata?

    btw all grt luck for fever and salt bridge.. when are they tentatively releasing??

    1. Why did you grow up Sanjana..I lost a lovely admirer 🙂 Jokes apart, thanks for writing to me and for all the appreciation. I will surely see you whenever I am in Kolkatta. Lots of love n best wishes.

  115. Hi rajeev
    I really adore u after watching reporters
    My son copies the way u dress u look very cool
    I really wish cud talk or meet u once
    Best wishes

    1. Hi Malaika,

      Hope you and your son are doing great. Plz give my love to him. I am sure he will grow into a fine gentleman. Best wishes

  116. rajeev am ur super crazy fan i love u lyk anything n ur show reporters is jzt my favt i c the without missing a single episode ur acting is jzt awesome i love you very much hoping a rply frm u plzz rply it vl jzt b the most memorable moment of my lyf…. 🙂

  117. Hiii Rajeev …

    I ve been following u from kahin toh hoga ….. just loved it . I dont knw what to write …but i m goin speecless….I hope…U ll ever read my post. I am very happy to see that u manage to reply ur fans … u loads n loads ….<3

  118. Hey Rajeev!!!!
    It will not be right if i will say i m a huge fan of urs, BECOZ I M A DIE HEART 4 U!!!
    Seriously I am not able to understand what to write, will u read it or not..will u reply or not. But still I want to share my feelings with u.

    Frankly saying I did not watch Kahin To Hoga, becoz i was in hostel at that time( 2003-2009 i lived in a hostel, where TV facility was not available), yet many of my frnds used to say that ” U must see Suzal, he is hot ,,,and this and that…but since I never saw ur acting and it became very ordinary with me.
    But now, when I saw REPORTERS, I must say I HAVE DONE SUCH A BLUNDER OF NOT SEEING U AND UR ACTING ….I cant tell u that how much I admire u after seeing reporters…u r such a good looking actor, seems to be very balanced in ur professional and prsonal life as far as I could know u..

    U will not believe, i have downloaded all the episodes( till now 101, and surely will do all 130) , and can see them 1000 times!!!
    After this I searched every thing about u available on internet, and after seeing SOUNDTRACK, I must say U NAILED THE CHARACTER….it was just awesome!!!!
    And yes, from class X (2002) till now( mean to say march 2015), there will be only one hero 4 me i.e. HRITHIK ROSHAN ( for his looks and acting),,,, but NOW HAVE SURPASSED HIM in my view… for me he is at NO.2…..AND RAJEEV U R THE NO. 1 AND WILL ALWAYS BE….
    LUV U SO MUCH RAJEEV !!!!! i know i have written random things for which u”ll not having to read it.
    Atleast 1 reply to karna rajeev,,,it will make my day…



    1. Hi Shweta,

      That was such a lovely mail. Thanks for all the nice words and appreciation. I hope to meet you too someday. My love n best wishes. Keep smiling and keep shining.

  119. Sir,
    What to say about you.. you are an awesome actor…… your movies Table No.21 , Left Right Left are awesome… Your serial REPORTERS is awesome…your acting especially in the last friday and thursday episode when you motivated Ananya…and when.. the phones battery died… i luk upon… only 1 word for you……. PERFECT

  120. rajeev omg dont knoe what to say but i really can’t
    resist me to stop admiring you .you are way tooooo
    goooodd in everything from tv to movies and back here.
    we really love you. Actually i love u the most as a fan .
    we’ve met once in jaipur 7-8 years ago if u remember.
    anyways we love you keep giving us thousands of
    reasn to love u :)) ;)) ♥♥♥♥♥ :*
    i messeged u so many times but didnt replied 🙁 pleaseeeee

    1. Hi Kritika…thanks for reaching out. How is our pink city doing? Miss it. Don’t get to visit very often. Next time I am there we should meet up. What say? Love

      1. thank uuuuuuuuu soooooo muchhhh :* our city is going sooo awesome. writing new marks ♥♥ yeaahhh pleaseeee i wanna meet uu pleasee . mail me whenever u @jaipur ♥♥ loveee ndd hugggssss :*

  121. Thanks a lot for replying….you made my day… Meri toh khussi k maare ballee ballee ho gyi… Wish you a nice time always!!! Tc

  122. Hi Rajeev,
    I am a big fan if urs after watching reporters..I am not sure if you will believe this but I have watched all the episodes for more than 10 times and was in a world where I was considering kabir and Ananya as real life characters.

    I was sad fr one whole day when I realized that it is a TV show and not reality.

    I also belong from rajasthan and always like you as we r from same state but after watching you in reporters I am now a big fan of you.
    Wish you all d best in ur career and will pray to good that I get a chance to meet you and fir ek selfie to Banta hae…

  123. Hello Rajeev 🙂

    Well……..This is the first time i am writing to some artist and to be frank first time i have visited your site 🙂
    but like others i am also biggggggggggg fan of yours, in fact i have watched left right left so many times because i rally liked your character over there(especially your inspiring quotes) and now watching your show Reporters. You are a wonderful actor :)) and here you have lovely collection of pics.

    Love you Raj 🙂

    Loads of love and best wishes for future.

  124. Dear Rajeev

    You are a truly amazing actor handsome, after seeing you in Reports i have become a huge fan of yours. Your looks your attitude you are just into the character i have seen some of yours movies Soundtrack was just outstanding performance.You are different from other actors i like the kind of roles you take up they are really more interesting to watch than the daily soap types . I enjoy reading your blog . My kids have also become your fan. Loads of love and best wishes for future. Look forward to see more of your movies and show.

  125. U are a superb and a natural actor and you make your roles feel in real to the audience.. So just keep it up. I am a huge fan of you and your work and would love to see you in movies more.. All the best and Lots of Love..

  126. Hello….rajeev sir..awesome collection. Aur kya bolu kch smjh nhi aa rha h. So I ll talk to u in my dreams. Tc 🙂

  127. Nice pics rajeev. Good wishes and Blessing to baby. We shd be really greatfull to all human being who makes our life beautiful and joyful

  128. Love your work whether its movies or television serials., You’ve done so nicely;)

    Thank you for sharing some of your pic’s


  129. I know you are busy in Reporters but it will be nycc if you update this gallery section too. Just a request..


  130. Hii.Rajeev. sir. …..mai.mai. fb. Id. Kafi. Years. Se search…… kar. Rha. Hu…but. aaj. Tk. Mujhe. Nahi. Mila.

    So. How. Can. Get. Your. Fb. Id or. Tweeter..

  131. Hye Rajive, I am big fan of yours till from Kahi to hoga…I love to watch u on tv..Love u lot..have a great success ahead..

  132. hey rajeev, i am a very very big fan of yours…glad to see your pics..<3<3
    you are simply awesome like always….and love your smile<3<3
    love you lots

  133. Respected sir, I m proud to feel that one person named Rajiv khandelwal is leading to our glourious state rajasthan in film industry… keep it up…
    best wishes from our side……we love u so much.
    Hemendra kr.

  134. Hi ,,, rajeev ,,, today ur jane se pehle thought …itwas awsome …diffrance between confidance and overconfidance. ….like the way u are …ur attitude …ur overall aperiance …love it ..

  135. Hi rajeev …3d time I mssg u …evryone call me crazy fan of urs …really I like u so much wards I have …dear rajeev god bless u …

  136. Hi .Rajeev .. big big fan of urs ….cant express my feeling in words …I want to tell u tooo much ..but in one ward ..I love u ….ur acting in reporters omg …superb …ur acting ,, detailing ,,, clothing style ,,, and last aj ki bat …..superb ….new thoughts we learn from u …all the best rajeev …get great success …god bless u dear …

  137. Hi , Rajeev . I am a big big fan of urs …like u so much …I am really very happy for ur came back on tv screen .. I can see u daily…really ur performance in repoters up to the mark ..u have some X-facter …ur acting ..ur clothing style ..superb …can say u are different from others ….u have seriousness and also humourous and most is ur appealing sexyness too ….really ..u are a bacchan of tv industry …thank u for ur come back on tv media …

  138. rajeev i knw your mane fan all worid but me too i love you rajeev very much. mamaaaahhhhaaaa
    you r best in world, realy

  139. hello sir,
    Really admire your work in ‘Samrat and co.’ and hope to see you always doing some new kind of films and see you opening some new front as said by you.As usual you are looking fab. in the pics.

  140. lovely!congragulate kishore on my behalf! :).can see how much importance that person can attach to your career…

  141. Rajeev,
    First of all I’m your biggest fan. You’re an amazing human being, great actor, intelligent and truly confident. You don’t feel the need to be a part of the rat race and have the guts to choose unique movies….all this said, let me give you my two cents..You are a star, you need a personal stylist. Sometimes your haircut, fashion misses the mark…actually its an adorable part of you, but in the industry that you are in…it works in your favor how to present yourself.
    Who did your hair in your recent appearance with Aamna in Honge Judaa Na Hum…????? Please put your foot down on these occasions. These things matter..I hope you will believe me.
    Oh and again…I reaaaaaaalllly want you to succeed..Best of luck.

  142. Hi Rajeev, ur too good. I really like ur serial kahin to hoga specially the way u always express ur love to kashish even after she’s married without bothering other’s around you, the song thora sa pyaar hua hai thora hai bhaaki, it’s too good dear kaash real life mein bhi hota aisa love story parr it’s very rare. I was very sad when someone else took yr place as sujal then i stop watching the serial. Recently i watch ur movie table 21 interesting movie. Keep it on my friend and make lots of movies. Wish u good luck!

  143. Hi Rajeev,

    I am your Fan from the time of Kahin Toh Hoga…Table No 21 is a very good movie…i thoroughly enjoyed it…

    Keep it up Man…

  144. Hi, rajeev.
    Nice pics lookkng good,
    Nothing to say much. 🙁
    Your female fans said every thing, nothing left for me 😉
    All the best for table no 21.

  145. My sweet Dearest Raj wish u in advance a very Happy Prosperous awesome Rocking New Year in Advance…….. Raj again wanna say u a big t hankxxxx…… wanna say u O Sajna. maane Naa mera maaan mera………. Table no 21 will b a biggest hit…… Raj I forgot that day because I was so much excited ….. wanna give u ur gift….. Raj I love you a lot….. Raj will u plzzz wish me happy new year…. I don’t know u got my mails or not….. plzz raj …

    Take care n my best wishes r always. With u…
    Keep your sweet smiling always…. n I promise u I work. Hard like you….waiting. for ur reply…


  146. Raj after 2years suddenly don’t aaj Tim bohot yaad as rage ho…. I talked wth u on my bday… u wished me on n after few day ur no was/changed… I’m feeling sad… after that I’m so much depressed n tried to forget u… now I’m busy with my work.. becaz.. now I’m myself choreographer, actor singer n student of shiamak davar..but again dont know y I’m start loving u n miss u n ur sweet smile a ur SMS n I have ur voice recording when u talked wtn me I record ur voice…haahaaa… kayak din that woow…. really Raj do you know…tum bohoot sweet person ho n that’s y I’m again fall in love wth u…..n miss u…… Raj pls…. I wanna meet u once.. at studio ur office or anywhere…when u get lil bit of time will tell me pls….. I have a show myself…in Mumbai…..miss u n love u lots Raj…… take care n know u will reply me soon.. bye…

  147. Hey Raj,
    kayse hain aap? bhot dinodn ke baad phir se thoda sa baat karne ka mauka mila hai.bhot saari baaten aapse karni hain. har roz sochti hoon ki blog jaungi to Raj se yeh kahungi woh bataungi, par kabhi aana hi nahi hua. shadi ke baad yeh shayad pehli baar hai jab main yahan par aa saki.

    Raj aaj bhi main zyada kuch nahi kahungi, bas itna hi ki main apni is dusri zindagi se bhot khush hoon aur apni teesri nayee zindagi ki aur badh rahi hoon. bas aur char paanch mahine uske baad main ek aur zindegi i shuruaat kar rahi hungi. Kya aisa kuch aapke saath bhi ho raha hai???? mujhe bataiyega na, agar kuch hua to??????

    ok, aaj isse zyada kuch nahi. ek din zarur detail me aapko apni saari baaten bataungi, par abhi time nahi hai. anyways aapki pics achi hain, par baal itne kyun bikhre hue hain?? bhot hawa chal rahi thi??? aur yeh kaunsi jagah hai?? again ladakh??? aapki kisi nayee film ki shooting ke liye gaye the???????????

    sorry, adhuri baat chod kar jaa rahi hoon. late ho gaya hai. bye…………………………..
    KEEP SMILING AND BE HAPPY ALWAYS…………………… love you………… byeeeeeeeeee……..

    cap wala LOVE sirf apne husband ke liye hai………..sorry……………………… bye………..

  148. hey rajeev, i am a very very big fan of yours…glad to see your pics..<3<3
    you are simply awesome like always….and love your smile<3<3

  149. rajeev in blue cool looking handsome you look awesome in any getup or in any color but black make you look out of the world.

  150. Wowww…………….so awesome raj…………!!!! You are looking sooooooo dashing……………..


  151. wow RK,,, a big sigh came out of ma mouth after seeing you like this… looked little tired but contented 😀

    1. Hi Rajeev sir im Zohal bigg bigg fan of urs i just love u and ur great work not missing any of ur shows and films i just dont know why u r so dashing and hot u r my first crash there is alots of actor but no ones is like u u r so different and special i have alots of dream one my them is meeting u some day

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