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I am absolutely fine

For all those who are concerned about me let me lay all fears to rest. I am absolutely fine – just a sprained knee and elbow. But yes, the camera attendant was badly injured. Feeling terrible for him. Thankfully there will be no permanent damage to him. He should be up and walking in a months time. Even the cameraman in the jeep is safe and sound – just a sprained rib.

Such mishaps rarely happen but when they do you can’t blame anyone. All you can do is learn something from it and be extra careful in future. And I promise I will be.

Thanks for all your love and concern.

Lots of love
Keep smiling

Absence makes heart fonder ?


I hope it is true in this case. i know it’s been long. Really long. This time along with my work I also went on a trip of my own. I deliberately stayed away from all the limelight and also your love, care and concern. It is not that I did not have time to write or I did not think of you all. It was just that I wanted you’ll to also get used to my periods of absence because that is how this year may just turn out to be. I will be in far flung areas throughout this year so please do not take my absence as being indifferent.

Anyway, as always your love kept trickling in from all sides. I was in Switzerland for over a month. And I think not a day passed when one of you did not send her/his good wishes. It was a very very hectic shoot and a very demanding one too because of the weather conditions and locations. But we managed to pull off some incredible stuff. Thanks to the Director, Mr Rajeev Jhaveri. I am sure this one is going to be a treat for all of you.

It was a beautiful experience working with actors from various countries. Gemma is a gem in the real sense. You cant help but fall in love with her and Catarina is a true blue Italian woman – warm, caring, sensitive and attractive. She made half the unit cry while saying goodbye. But the maximum time spent was with my Indian counterpart – Gauhar Khan. And all i can say is that I would love to be paired with her again. She is a beautiful person, a live wire with loads of talent. And I can’t not remember Mr. Victor Banerjee, whose brief presence during the shoot refreshed all of us. His sense of humour, knowledge and experience can make anyone his fan for a lifetime.

It was a month long stay at Champoussin in the Valaise county of Switzerland and I am sure it will stay with me for a lifetime. One of the most beautiful places in the world and one of the best people to interact with. Our caretakers from the Swiss side were one of the best people I have interacted with till date. Even though language was a barrier, communication never stopped and you realise that as long as you are warm, loving and positive you don’t need words to communicate. Even though our schedules went haywire the Swiss team didn’t desert us even for a second. I genuinely wish them all a very beautiful life and hope to meet them many more times in my life.

So, finally I am back and Fever is over as of now. I am very quickly shifting my energies to another project( details will be revealed later). I will be shooting in Mumbai for the next one month. It is another mad caper. Let’s hope we finish all the outdoors before monsoons greet us in Mumbai.

I am hoping that all of you are doing very well in your respective lives and in the best of your health and spirit. And if things went a little ‘not as planned’ then i guess a few ups and downs will only make the journey worthwhile eventually.

Shall try and keep updating you about my whereabouts as regularly as possible.

Love, as always.
Keep smiling

4th January 2013


So, here we are! One more day to go. I have never felt more loved in life. The kind of good wishes pouring in for the film is overwhelming. I hope I live up to your expectations.

All those who are going to watch the film are more than welcome to post their views here. Good or bad, just be honest. I am going to watch the film day after so can’t tell you how it has finally shaped up.  But I can surely say that it is going to surprise you.

Anyway, I hope the year has started on a good note for all of you. May you achieve a lot of your dreams  and may you keep smiling throughout the year.

Love and best wishes,



COM’ON MAN! – It’s About Time!

What must have been a casual expression on Facebook turned out to be a nightmare for the two girls from Palghar. It is quite shameful for a society that claims to be teetering on the brink of developed progress that something like this could happen, did happen and even more that it was allowed to happen.

I wonder for how long will cowards achieve their few seconds of fame by attacking innocent citizens. I use the word cowards because there is no bravery in singling out innocent, purposeful citizens. ‘Cowards’ because the roar of these hordes turns hoarse when it comes to raising their voice against the grave injustice being meted down to more than 100 crores of their fellow citizens everyday (scam after scam). The common man’s attitude has become sluggish, non-reactive, submissive, fearful and apathetic to it’s own cause, hence they become the easiest preys to the ambitions of these power starved cowards. It is hard for someone on top to realize that it is the common man who forms the wheels and cogs of this country and it’s character. Both the dominant and the submissive so easily forget that the power of the dominant is derived from the submissive. It is easily forgotten that progress and decline only affect the common man. Despite of being the majority and the most powerful force in the country the common man is strangely oblivious of his strength. These forces are quite happy with this attitude of apathy and come election time they thank us, they praise us, they boost the common man’s ego while his self esteem is being trodden on then they win and start by instilling fear into him and finally they tell him do not step out of your house, you are safe there. Repeatedly, His chosen leaders let him down – he does not complain. His rights are snatched – he does not complain. His administration does not protect his rights – he does not complain. A handful of people bully him – he does not complain. He is made to pay more and more taxes to fill the coffers of some people and not the country – yet he does not complain. The list goes on and on about the magnanimity of the common man.  Instead of thanking him for letting them survive, these forces have begun to believe that the common man is a scared lot and will be servile to their diktats. Is it not the common man’s magnanimity that despite being educated and purposeful in life he takes unjust oppression from an unemployed, good for nothing, aimless and wastrel without retaliating?

These forces who are just a handful as compared to the might of common man have begun to believe that they are powerful only because the common man has been silent. Are they right in their thinking? I asked and debated with a lot of people and this is a result of those discussions –  The day this common man unleashes his fury it has the potential of wiping out all these miscreants in half a blow.  Time is waiting for this common man to wake up. Nothing is constant except change. Is this change round the corner?



Happy Diwali!

Wish you all beautiful times ahead. I look at Diwali as a festival which spreads love and happiness. I hope this Diwali gives you a lot of reasons to smile and the smile only keeps spreading in the coming times.

Love you all.

16th October


Hi everyone,

Yes, it will be 16th October again in a few hours. But I already feel that the day is here. Your cards, wishes, messages,  cakes and gifts have already started trickling in. I can’t express in words how I feel. It is not just overwhelming, it is humbling too. I wish and hope I return this love in this lifetime.

Birthday was never special to me till you all arrived on the scene. Since I met you through the air waves life has not been the same. I had never imagined that I will ever get this kind of love and affection and so consistently. It has more to do with you and less with me. I am seen once in a while but your affection has been constant throughout. I know all of you have your own lives too. There must be good and bad days, challenging days etc. But when it came to me you have showered your love unconditionally. So, let me tell you that I value it more than you think or imagine. This birthday I am making a resolution that I will meet you more often through my work. I will not keep you waiting and will try to entertain you as much as I can. Also, I hope I make your lives beautiful in whatever way I can.

I will be working tomorrow the whole day but I will try to speak to as many of you as possible. The timing mentioned along with the number is the only time when I will be free. So please do not take it personally if I miss out on anyone.

Thanks once again for all that you do.

Keep smiling,


Captives of our minds

A random thought just crossed my mind. While I was shooting a scene on the sets of Table No. 21, A sequence required me to do something very challenging personally. I had this whole feel about the scene in my mind but somehow I was reluctant to emulate what was in my head. Although I knew that the director expected exactly what was going through my mind but I just could not bring myself to do it. Maybe it was because I was conscious about the reactions of people around me or perhaps I was hesitant regarding the particular action or I was plain nervous I finally did what was in my comfort zone and the director said okayed it but I knew he was not happy and nor was I. The question I asked myself was what stopped me from doing something which I knew I could easily have done?

We all know that whatever we are is the manifestation of our thoughts. But I realized it for the first time that my moods are completely governed by my mind and not by the external circumstances. I could be upbeat even if I had no reason to only because my mind decides me to show  all the good things happening around me and i could be sad even if i have all the reasons to be happy only because my mind decides to show only the grim side of life. I can be happy at my uncle’s death because the mind decides to show me not the personal loss but the fact that he lived his life beautifully and had a smooth and peaceful exit and I can be sad at someone’s achievement only because my mind decides to show me my failures. I can look at failures  like opportunities and success like a roadblock only because the mind decides to change the perspectives. I can feel the most confident in the shabbiest of clothes and feel complexed in a tuxedo only because my mind decides to change the outlook. I can revel in misery because my mind shows it to me as a challenge and sulk in abundance only because my mind shows me all that I have not attained.  And this is leading to a whole new analysis!

Have you ever wondered why we are nervous before our interviews even when we are thoroughly prepared or why we are conscious and shy when asked to give a speech about our achievement? ( I might be being felicitated for my achievement which means I am better than the rest but I might be still nervous to speak on the stage! ) or why do we feel weak(even before trying) when attempting something for the first time. And on the contrary at times why are we super confident  even when the odds are heavily against us?  How can the same person be weak and strong in a similar situation in two different circumstances?  Why is it that when we compete with our siblings and friends we are always sure about our win but when we compete with our competitors we are not just ‘not sure’ but also scared to lose. Why do we start thinking  about losing more than winning? It is possibly because we are captives of our minds. The mind is this vagabond who can go in any direction and we, like slaves, follow.  And more than often this vagabond likes to take negative and destructive tours. Those who can reverse the case i.e convert the mind into slave are the ones who make a difference. The rulers of mind are the rulers of mankind. Think about all those whom we look up to. They are ordinary people like us with only one exception – they were or are not captives of the mind. The mind is the strength and the mind is the weakness. Battles are not won or lost in battlefields. They are simply executed there but the fate is decided in the minds.

Tamae Watanabe was 73 years old when she conquered Mt Everest. Try suggesting it to your mother 🙂 A man with no feet reaches Mt Everest when normal bodied individuals fail after numerous attempts. And he says that I was better off than the rest because I was at zero risk of getting frost bite(no feet). This is the mind speaking. Mind which had no choice but to show achievement all the way as the man had conquered his mind before conquering any peak.

Try ruling your mind someday. It may be a bit difficult in the beginning but if you achieve it you will see the whole world with a new perspective. Before walking in an interview or going up on stage or before any supreme test of your will power just tell your mind ‘I am going to do it’ and do not entertain any other thought which the mind offers. Mostly you will ‘do it’. The mind also has this unique multiplying quality. Whatever thought you let it sow, it will yield a rich harvest of same thought or it’s derivatives. So think before mind plants any seed of thought.

Well, I wonder why I am talking about all this. I guess I am a captive of my mind right now 🙂 let me get out of it. You have a wonderful day. And yes, I have convinced the director to reshoot the scene and he has consented to it :).



Here I am!

Hi friends,

Finally back at home. No jet lags, no fatigue and shoulder almost back to normal.

It was a fantastic trip for many reasons. Since we had gone there to shoot a very edgy film we were not expecting a very smooth ride. But surprisingly it was not just smooth, there were no delays, no spills and no compromises which is a rare thing especially when you go for outdoor shoots. The weather was beautiful In Fiji so I guess we never felt the pressure of shooting for 12-13 hours at a stretch. It rained almost every day and the temperature never went beyond 25/28 degrees. And lastly,  the people(who make a place) were extremely warm and hospitable. I realised that more than the place, the human encounters live with us. And the people of Fiji have left a lasting impression on my mind.

The trip to Leh was as always a treat. I think Leh for me is a solution to kill all fatigue and rejuvenate myself. For a change I was not driving but riding this time. We hired bikes and did The highest motorable road in the world and Pangong So lake. Very challenging but what a feeling! I realised that it is so important to keep raising the bar for yourself.  Surpass your best every time you go for it. Not for the world but for yourself.

Friendship day passed and I missed wishing you all. Long live our friendship. Its such a wonderful bond.   Feel like a force 🙂 I hope the bond that you share with each other keeps getting stronger with the passage of time.

Lastly, all those who have been writing to me and urging me to come back soon should know that it will take a few more months before you start seeing my films. I am trying my best to make the wait worthwhile. Rest is not in my hands.

Keep smiling and keep spreading it.

Love to all,


Eid Mubarak!


Hi All,

Many Hugs! I wish everyone a Happy Eid ! May this day give you many reasons to smile throughout the year. Since i am travelling i will be updating my blog in a few days.

Lots of love Rajeev