16th October


Hi everyone,

Yes, it will be 16th October again in a few hours. But I already feel that the day is here. Your cards, wishes, messages, Β cakes and gifts have already started trickling in. I can’t express in words how I feel. It is not just overwhelming, it is humbling too. I wish and hope I return this love in this lifetime.

Birthday was never special to me till you all arrived on the scene. Since I met you through the air waves life has not been the same. I had never imagined that I will ever get this kind of love and affection and so consistently. It has more to do with you and less with me. I am seen once in a while but your affection has been constant throughout. I know all of you have your own lives too. There must be good and bad days, challenging days etc. But when it came to me you have showered your love unconditionally. So, let me tell you that I value it more than you think or imagine. This birthday I am making a resolution that I will meet you more often through my work. I will not keep you waiting and will try to entertain you as much as I can. Also, I hope I make your lives beautiful in whatever way I can.

I will be working tomorrow the whole day but I will try to speak to as many of you as possible. The timing mentioned along with the number is the only time when I will be free. So please do not take it personally if I miss out on anyone.

Thanks once again for all that you do.

Keep smiling,


79 thoughts on “16th October”

  1. helllooooo family!sab kaise ho??how are the preparations for diwali going??

    Helloooo bhaiyya…….very excited n soo happy n thrilled about TABLE NO:21.I know u r buzy n really hope u’ll write to us when time permits!

    Take care all
    Take care bro…

  2. This long unending wait for an activity on this blog will kill me very soon!!
    Rajeev is definitely busy and I am not at all expecting him to write as it is understandably very difficult. But why doesnt his IT team write something interesting about his childhood/boyhood/college days/years in Delhi/TV days/funny or other experiences while working in other movie projects/etc/etc/etc………..why dont they post some more photos at least for the fans to remain constantly active by posting comments….. A blog must be more active….
    Let us try to answer a quiz without checking the facts on any website (Please publish only with Rajeev’s permission):
    Tell True or False–
    1. Rajeev has two brothers.
    2. Rajeev’s first film was Peter Gaya Kaam Se
    3.Rajeev joined his college in Ahmedabad without his parents’ knowlegde. He got their permission later.
    4. He has directed some documentary films.
    5. Rajeev was the host of the TV programme Sach Ka Samna Seasons 1 and 4
    6. The film Table No. 21 was mostly shot in Suva.
    7. Rajeev acted in a commercial of Videocon refrigerators.
    8. Rajeev is a graduate in Physics.
    9. Rajeev’s star sign is Virgo.
    10. The director of Rajeev’s latest film Table No 21 is Viki Rajani.

    Well done, dear RK fan!!! If the answer is false, do you know the correct answer?
    Sources: Different interviews of RK

    1. Tell True or False–
      1. Rajeev has two brothers. Ans-ya.. (comment namely elder Sanjeev khandelwal n younger Rahul Khandelwal)
      2. Rajeev’s first film was Peter Gaya Kaam Se,, Ans; no.( Aamir kya sapne me dekha tha?? πŸ˜› :D.. PGKS ke darshan ati durlabh hai.. ab to king b bhul gaye he..)
      3.Rajeev joined his college in Ahmedabad without his parents’ knowlegde. He got their permission later. Ans-yes (comment king ne kafi sari interviews me mention kia he is bat ko)
      4. He has directed some documentary films.ans- yes..(comment he made some abt army one of that was pilot)
      5. Rajeev was the host of the TV program Sach Ka Samna Seasons 1 and 4 ansNo(comment he hosted all 2 i don count 3rd one as season coz it was shot before.. its just there after theme of the show changed to Bhrastachar ke khilaf sach ki awaz)
      6. The film Table No. 21 was mostly shot in Suva. Ans yes( shoot at Suva, Fiji )
      7. Rajeev acted in a commercial of Videocon refrigerators. Ans yes( his dialogue was darling pani.. n he picked a cherry frome cake or pastry or something)
      8. Rajeev is a graduate in Physics.Ans;No (comment chemistry)
      9. Rajeev’s star sign is Virgo.Ans No (16 oct -libra)
      10. The director of Rajeev’s latest film Table No 21 is Viki Rajani.Ans no(comment then what Aditya dutt was doing there)

      1. even i thot to make this blog l’ll more xiting.. i planned wid few odrs to do chatting here as there is reply application.. but is moderation ne to chatting ki band baja di.. i know its only to prevent offensive n rude comments n posts.. n i completely do agree ion that.. and after king’s first blog and id’s incidence its necessary i feel..

        one thing we can do..

        @Abhishek patwari ji pls if possible pls make an application here providing chat system so that if 2 or more Rajeevians r o9 den dey can chat wid each other.

        thanking u

  3. Congratulations my king for maharaja sawai madho singh award u gt yesterday..

    M very happy 4 u..

    N now my xitement is high for watching n meeting vivan..

    Best wishesh for table no. 21
    love u so much
    ur fan
    from Ranchi

  4. I m really a big fan of urs.i lv all ur movies and shows.i dont miss any show or movie of urs.i really really lk u a lot.i want u 2 cm again in daily soaps plz.i l wait 4 ur reply.

    1. Pls.. No.. Not in daily soap.. Please.. For tv.. Only host or anchor or judge of reality shows.. R ok.. But pls don come back as an actor in tv..

      Ur kitty
      4m Ranchi

    2. Daily soaps are not derogatory in any way….but I think Rajeev himself doesnt want to be part of daily soaps anymore.
      I wish him all the best in movies.

  5. It is so nice to read about how excited and happy everyone felt talking to Rajeev. When will Rajeev tell us how he felt talking like this to his fans? It is not new to him…but still…..! πŸ™‚

  6. Thanks so much rajeev for taking out some time and talking to us on such a special day……. U r a very down to earth and a very sweet. It was a pleasure talking to u. U made my day……. Hope next year to we get an opportunity to talk to u. ALL THE BEST for all ur projects. Waiting to see u on the big screen soon……. Nidhi

  7. thanks a ton bro for giving an opportunity to talk.it means a lot when u understand us and value our emotions :)thanks a bunch to aabhishek too… :).kudos to the efforts n support of team RAJEEV…

  8. thanku rajeev for giving us an opportunity
    would love to talk on diwali ,navratri,christmas,new year or any other occasion whenever u r free

  9. I wanna Thank Mr Aabhishek Patwari for being soo cooperative and punctual and thanks alottt for creating this event πŸ™‚
    Thanks a lot Rajeev You are the greatest person Ive ever met (actually listened ) <3 <3
    Love you more day by day…


  11. Hi RK wish u a very happy birthday… I knw in India it’s 17th but here in states it’s still 16th I hope I’m not late comer ..:( to wish u… Lots of love n best wishes for u … Hv a happy n blessed life

  12. Rajeev….Aamra sobai tomake khub bhalobasi….taratari kolkata aso….aamra protikshaye achi…(though its in bengali. Aap samajh jaoge i knw. Aftral dil se dil tak baat pahoch hi jani h) πŸ˜€

  13. wishing u a very very very happy birthday..

    m sooooooooooo happy that u concerned my wish n arranged for no. so ur fans could talked to u..

    n m soooooooooooooo happpppppppppppppt even r8 now my xitement is nt fade at all after talking wid u.. wen i disconnect i screamed so high.. n it is my best day of my life.. mene itne ache se apse pehle b kabi bate nai ki thi..

    ur kitty
    from ranchi

  14. Hi Rajeev,
    It’s another speciall day (16th october) as it celebrates the birthday of someone really special
    Wishing you a very happy birthday, wishing you a life full of success and happiness with loads of smiles and memories to cherish
    Goodluck for your future projestc patiently waiting to seeon screen .
    Lots of wishes and smiles


  15. hii Rajeev,
    Wish U a very very Happy Birthday
    Many Many Happy Returns Of the Day.
    aaj subah aapse baat karke meri to din ban gaayi,
    & all the best for ur future projects, waiting for ur next film.
    Love U.

  16. dr rajeev,
    wish u a many hapy returns of the day .
    hapy b’day 2 u……………………………hapy b’day 2 u rajeev……….
    i hav tried hard 2 talk 2 u today, but bad luck…….

    may god bless u in ur whole life n give u all the success, b’coz u r vry-vry imp 2 us.

    urs NEERU

  17. Happy, Happy Birthday Rajeev ji !!

    I hope your day has been blessed with the presence of those you love most, and many, many magical moments!

    Thanks for giving such a great opportunity to talk to you on phone.. Going crazy after talking to you

    “Wishing you a Very Wonderful Birthday Along with Many Blessings to come through out the Year ahead”
    With loads of Love,

  18. Happy, Happy Birthday Rajeev ji !!

    I hope your day has been blessed with the presence of those you love most, and many, many magical moments! πŸ˜€
    <3 <3
    Thanks for giving such a great opportunity to talk to you on phone.. Going crazy after talking to you
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    "Wishing you a Very Wonderful Birthday Along with Many Blessings to come through out the Year ahead"

    With loads of Love,
    Ankita πŸ™‚

  19. Happy, Happy Birthday Rajeev ji !! πŸ™‚
    I hope your day has been blessed with the presence of those you love most, and many, many magical moments! πŸ˜€
    <3 <3
    Thanks for giving such a great opportunity to talk to you on phone.. Going crazy after talking to you πŸ˜€
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    "Wishing you a Very Wonderful Birthday Along with Many Blessings to come through out the Year ahead" πŸ™‚

    With loads of Love,
    Ankita πŸ™‚

  20. I feel so excited and happy to see new names here as Rajeev’s fans! Although I feel connected (as another fan of Rajeev’) only to the people who were here from May!! Is it sounding selfish!!??? Nothing like that!! We all are equal as Rajeev’s fan and very happy to share thoughts with him and one another!! πŸ™‚

  21. Happy Birthday, dear Rajeev. May all your wishes come true. May God’s blessings always shower on you.
    Many Happy Returns of the Day!

  22. ~*Teri Salgira Hai Aayi*~

    Khushion ki ghata aaj hai phir se chayi
    Mere humdum jo phir se teri salgira hai aayi

    Tohfon ki hui aaj phir zoron ki baarish
    Lo ghadi phir wohi mubarakbaadon ki aayi

    Mere dil ke diye hue phir se aaj roshan
    Meri shiddat e mohabbat ki barh gayi gehrai

    Lagne laga main phir se urgayi hun fiza me\
    Teri khushion me mene jo khayi hai mithayi

    Teri har ada meri jaan aesi hai kaatilaana
    Main kahoon kese mujhko teri kia ada hai bhayi

    Meri dhadkano me goonjta hai naam tera aaj bhi
    Kia tumko bhi meri aahen kabhi deti hain sunayi?

    Main apne nadan khwabon ko aslihat samajh bethi
    Sapnon me aake tune… meri zulf kia suljhai

    Khwahsish hai kabhi tumko bhejun main bhi tohfa
    Har salgira pe Rab ko di hai yehi duhai

    Pata hi na chal saka kab bangaye tum zindagi
    Ab tou jaan dedungi gar tumse mil na payi

    Zamana bgi hai jaan gaya ab tou adhoori hasraten
    Teri awaz sunke Asra kuch aese sharmayi

    Khushion ki ghata aaj hai phir se chayi
    Mere humdum jo phir se teri salgira hai aayi

    Hope you will like it.
    Love yaa

    ~*Rajeev Rockzz……Rajeev RulezZ*~

    ~*Fan Honge Beshakk India Se Bohat Saare..
    Per Pakistan Se Asra Bhi Admirer Hai Tumhari..*~

  23. my son….
    wish you a very very happy birthday πŸ™‚
    your presence seems to brighten up my moments and makes my life an enjoyable experience…….
    please be there ……..for this maa who waits eagerly for you…… your new ventures, your words, your winning smile…………..they make my day
    wish you all the success & happiness in life
    love you ……..bless you beta…….. as much a maa could feel πŸ™‚
    lots of caress

  24. hey rajeev
    wish u a very happy birthday
    may god fulfill all ur wishes n keep u healthy n fit
    bye take care LOVE U ALWAYSSSSSSSSS

  25. hieee rajeev…wish u many many happy returns of the day …wish u lots of happiness n good health….eagerly waiting to talk to u….hope i gt a chance….enjoy…take caree…keep smiling πŸ™‚

  26. Wish u many many many happy returns of the day Raj………..hope u get all the success and happiness in both your personal and professional lives…………God bless you…………

    Love u
    Deepa (Parvi)

    so finally 16th october ..d day ..which i am waiting since a year ….aapka budday it’s not nly ur budday ….ur budday gives me a reason to celebrate one more day .. …to spread happiness around me…a very very special day for ur ol fanzz ….u knw wot daadaa i have met so many persons in my life but i neva found a guy lyk u…v havn’t share “a tagline relationship” but still u cares 4 u ..many f us didn’t met u ,infact u knw many by their names only ….but phir bhi v shared a strong relationship …d relationshiop wch can’t die eva …you are d best ….aap is world k sabse acche insaaan including everynes parents ……dadda u r my family ….
    apko har woh khushi mile joh aapko chahiye ..u knw wot it’s ur budday but since 12:00 hrs um getng call 4m my fenzz..dey ol r iwshing me ” HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO UR BIG B”…aapko pata h ki aap ultimate waale acche ho …aap baht baht……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..up to infinty waale acche ho ….

  28. Hi..Rajeev!!
    wish u a very Happy bday πŸ™‚
    Your bday is a special day for all of us….:) & no matter in which part of world your fans reside we all celebrate it with equal zeal & enthusiasm…

    & love your resolution πŸ˜‰ ………it will good to see more of u over the year…..& irrespective how much we get to see you on screen……..love & fascination towards you will remain same “Unconditional” πŸ™‚

    You are already making our lives more beautiful with giving us appreciation & acknowledging our efforts & Love….. So a big thank you for dat !!!

    Also taking this opportunity to wish u for winning the “Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh II award” for your contribution to Film and Television!!

    Wat a perfect day for receiving this piece of news….congratulations for this…
    This gona be just the beginning of a wonderful year……..all the best for future πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    wishing you a successful & wonderful year ahead πŸ™‚

    Wishing Rajeev all the success & happiness in life !!!

    Will always be your fan πŸ™‚
    Lots of Love
    Purnima Dixit !!

  29. hello rajeev wish u many many happy returns of the day….wish u lots of happiness ,success n good heath……love u…..take care….keep smiling

  30. I am feeling so glad talking to you. You made my day. Will definitely try to meet you if you come to Chandigarh

    Bye, Love u

  31. amazing day and an even more amazing year ahead
    Warmest thoughts I send today
    To last the whole year through
    Wishes also that life is
    Always good to you
    As each and everyday goes by
    Remember I love you lots I want the very best for you
    And you’re deep within my thoughts
    Wishing You A Very Happy Birthday πŸ™‚

    Love u


  32. Hi RK,

    1st of all wish you a very happy birthday hero πŸ™‚ you are a charmer and there is no one like you around us ( thats for sure). like i mentioned ample times, the way you acknowledge our love, it makes you best in this world πŸ˜€

    we are so lucky to have you with us RK and like yahz mentioned thank you for updating us on regular basis through your blog.

    our bonding is special there is no doubts about this and we wish to be with you whole our lives…

    stay blessed and keep smiling RK…


  33. Happy Birthday Rajeev.

    Wish u loads of luck and success.
    May God bless u..

    Don’t be surprised if you wake up with a twinkle in your eyes, an aroma in your bedroom, a smile on your lips and a happy thought in your head. That happens to everyone on their Birthday when they’ve been good throughout the year. Wish you a very Happy Birthday and a joyous ahead.

    Happy Navratri..

  34. Wishing a Fabulous Birthday Rajeev..

    On this day, wish you all the happiness and cheer,
    May you achieve everything in life, without any fear,
    Go ahead and follow your dream,
    Wish you get all the glory with beam,
    Wish you a very happy birthday,
    Have a super fabulous day!

    i love u my SUJAL….

  35. hey… thank u so much for taking d call… i still cant believe it i talked to u….. js love ur work n ur voice…
    God bless!!!

  36. Happppy birthday Raj may you have many many more after opening blog I jumped and said hayyyyyeeeee its enough that you take so many calls and that too continuously.. so so happy today is actually happy 16 October Love love you and happy happy birthday. Love and hugs.

  37. “A life history of a legend.: in 1975 , a smart ,dashing handsome,baby was born on earth, cuckoo sang,peacock danced,his parents were very happy and named the baby….Rajeev Khandelwal”

    I wish you a year full of sucess, happiness, achivement, coz u deserve no less!!!!!!!.

    You are a star, but not only by acting, but by heart!!!!!!!……..You are a Gift from God to us you have touched each of our lives in very beautiful way and we love u more than anything else..i consider those people lucky who are around you….. and i also pray to God to give everyone a husband,friend , or a son like you the at would be just tooooooo good so keep rocking as… bollywood actor..so far you have done brilliant job with everything you have tried …….and i wish in the future ..you will be able to…. more of your talent to the world….!!

    again wish u a very happy b’day sir
    Love u loadsssssssssssssss……………………GOD BLESS U

  38. Dear Raj Sir,

    Wsh u Many Many Happy retrns on ur b’day!!
    Some people mek this world beautiful by just being in it nd u r that special person…
    u wl live forever in our hearts….

    wshn fr a great career…nd great life of urs…

  39. Happpyyyyyy Birthdayyyyy Rajeeev
    May you live forever and keep lighting the lives of people like the way you doo
    Have a great great dayyy
    Cant wait to hear your voiceee
    Love yaaaa

  40. Happy, Happy Birthday Rajeev. ji. πŸ™‚
    I hope your day has been blessed with the presence of those you love most, and many, .many magical moments! πŸ˜€
    Thanking you for everything and Wishing you a Very Wonderful Birthday Along with Many Blessings to come through out the Year ahead πŸ™‚ :-*
    with lots of Love
    Ankita πŸ™‚

  41. HEY …..! Rajeev sir wish you a very happy birthday have a rocking day full of happiness tonnes of surprises may all ua dreams come true.

  42. May GOD decorate each GOLDEN RAY OF THE SUN reaching you with wishes of Success, Happiness and Prosperity for you. Wish you a very Happy B’Day !!!

  43. Happy Birthday Rajeev ji

    May u be blessed with everything u desire in life, & may God always showers his love, blessings, happiness and Gud Luck on u..

    May all ur wishes be granted, & all ur dreams come true..

    Lucks is urs
    wishes r mine
    may ur future
    ever shine πŸ™‚


    Lots of love and Gud wishes


  44. I have met lots of people in my life, but you’re such a person who simply manages to get into my head and just won’t leave. The funny part is I want you to stay there as well. Happy Birthday in advance, sweetheart. I love you. U r super special to me….nd u know that well…impatiently waiting to talk to you tomorrow…dunno wat to say…but will be waiting to hear ur sweet voice once again. And yes thats an wonderful resolution…liked it the most…watever u do to make our life bful…is also precious to us…u r the best…:) πŸ™‚

  45. ap apna khayal rakhana ……………… b’day ke din bhi kam :”( ………………………..that’s like my love…………..mai jaha bhi rahu ,mai apko wish karo ya nahi ,my wishies always with u …………………………………… bhale sabse pahla wish mera na ho but muche khushe rahegi sabse abhiri wish maine kiya ,kyo ki b’day to muche yad hai but akhiri tak b’day muche yad raha

  46. Hi Rajeev.. Wish u a beautiful bday. I wish u lots n lots of gdluck. N my love is always with u. As u cant express in words how u feel., so i.. I cant tell u how bubbles got striking, n hw much i got excited when i hear ur name. N its ur bday. U dnt knw tht bt our celebrations get started tonight as 16 starts. U wll be always special as u r.. Well i wish u happy bday again. Do enjoy it as maximum as u can.. Lots of love n best wishes~ Suman

  47. Congrats for the Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh II award for your contribution to Film and Television!!!

    From selling paintings studded with Jaipur gems to be acknowledged and felicitated as a Jaipur ‘gem’, (yellow sapphire) you have come a long way!
    All the very best for the future πŸ™‚ .

  48. We too cherish the humility ans modesty that u shower upon us.. Have a great Birthday this year and have many valueable moments throughout…

  49. Hi Rajeev!
    I’m so happy that finally you came here……..I was waiting for you since long………Because of your this humble attitude……….I really love you from the core of my Heart <3! So once again………..

    I'm also happy to know about your new RESOLUTION….:-p

    Keep Smiling Always……….
    Your Big Fan………….
    Farwa Kazmi……………Lahore………Pakistan……..

  50. Yes, you did not entertain us much this year.

    We had only sks 2 and wymm. Rajveer was a revelation without the revealing (unlike raunak). He was unlike the sad, underdog, arrogant, straightforward, mentor characters you had earlier played. He was a lovable rogue and a rascal and loved him. You were a complete commercial hero.

    Then waited for peter (hehehe still wait for him), Joker and the shahyar
    But all in vain…

    But then, but then, something happened in May

    You began to blog in a new place.
    You would probably have blogged more times these past few months than you did for nearly two years in the previous one.
    You are making the worth worthwhile! πŸ™‚ .

    Thought you said goodbye when you took off to fiji. Said goodbyes and thought no more till you return.
    But Fiji was fun. You were making a thriller and we too got a taste of the thrills and spills.
    Thrills of course with the hacking and spills haha ha your fall (joking because you might be fully healed).
    We could not see you on screen a lot, but still stayed connected.
    The wait was indeed made worthwhile like you earlier said…Hope to see more of your work the coming year.

    Have a wonderful b’day πŸ™‚ .

    1. I wish Peter GKS is miraculously released sometime soon! It seems to be very interesting….on adifferent kind of theme

  51. Happy Birthday…………Rajeev many many happy returns of the day πŸ™‚ May all ur drms come true n God bless u πŸ˜€ LOVE U RK

  52. m soooooooooo happpyyyyyyyyyyyyy.. d biggest day of d year is here.. only 2 nhrs r left.. πŸ™‚ full year we all rajeevianz wait for this.. n now it is.. n xitement raises.. although v don share moments wid u.. but as v rajevianz connects wid each odrs talking only about u.. it dont feel anything left less.. coz in our imagination v all r wid u only.. n d scenario seems like Kanhaiya at the same time with each of gopis of Vrindavan .. πŸ™‚ ;p

    you means everything to us..

    v love to do anything we can do for u..

    n if somehow feel dat have hurt u makes us so guilty like hell..

    just want to see u happy happy happiest..

    want u always have smiling face i have sent u in dis time’s b’day card..

    n dis i want as return gift,..

    ur kitty
    from Ranchi

  53. Wishing you a very happy birthday in advance Rajeev
    Have a very beautifull day πŸ™‚
    And I just hope kal aapse baat ho paaye
    Thank you always for whatever you do for us
    Thats why i say
    *~Rajeev RockzZ…Rajeev RulezZ~*
    Love yaa

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