Absence makes heart fonder ?


I hope it is true in this case. i know it’s been long. Really long. This time along with my work I also went on a trip of my own. I deliberately stayed away from all the limelight and also your love, care and concern. It is not that I did not have time to write or I did not think of you all. It was just that I wanted you’ll to also get used to my periods of absence because that is how this year may just turn out to be. I will be in far flung areas throughout this year so please do not take my absence as being indifferent.

Anyway, as always your love kept trickling in from all sides. I was in Switzerland for over a month. And I think not a day passed when one of you did not send her/his good wishes. It was a very very hectic shoot and a very demanding one too because of the weather conditions and locations. But we managed to pull off some incredible stuff. Thanks to the Director, Mr Rajeev Jhaveri. I am sure this one is going to be a treat for all of you.

It was a beautiful experience working with actors from various countries. Gemma is a gem in the real sense. You cant help but fall in love with her and Catarina is a true blue Italian woman – warm, caring, sensitive and attractive. She made half the unit cry while saying goodbye. But the maximum time spent was with my Indian counterpart – Gauhar Khan. And all i can say is that I would love to be paired with her again. She is a beautiful person, a live wire with loads of talent. And I can’t not remember Mr. Victor Banerjee, whose brief presence during the shoot refreshed all of us. His sense of humour, knowledge and experience can make anyone his fan for a lifetime.

It was a month long stay at Champoussin in the Valaise county of Switzerland and I am sure it will stay with me for a lifetime. One of the most beautiful places in the world and one of the best people to interact with. Our caretakers from the Swiss side were one of the best people I have interacted with till date. Even though language was a barrier, communication never stopped and you realise that as long as you are warm, loving and positive you don’t need words to communicate. Even though our schedules went haywire the Swiss team didn’t desert us even for a second. I genuinely wish them all a very beautiful life and hope to meet them many more times in my life.

So, finally I am back and Fever is over as of now. I am very quickly shifting my energies to another project( details will be revealed later). I will be shooting in Mumbai for the next one month. It is another mad caper. Let’s hope we finish all the outdoors before monsoons greet us in Mumbai.

I am hoping that all of you are doing very well in your respective lives and in the best of your health and spirit. And if things went a little ‘not as planned’ then i guess a few ups and downs will only make the journey worthwhile eventually.

Shall try and keep updating you about my whereabouts as regularly as possible.

Love, as always.
Keep smiling

Love Unites!

Hi everyone,

I am sure many of you must be expecting a post from me close to the Valentine Day. How well you know me 🙂 But it is not a pattern that I follow. It is the heart that I follow.  With so much love coming my way how can I not give it back!!

I have completed my 10 years in the industry and done everything from daily soaps to films to hosting etc etc. I may have been good at some bad at some but I know I tried. I also know that I did not stagnate or played insecure. I know that I did not succumb to a whole lot of things which would have the stolen the smile from my face. This is what Iights up my face when I reflect back on the last ten years. Five years back someone asked me ‘where do you see yourself five years from now?’ And my answer was – ‘I don’t know. But wherever I am I should feel good about myself’. And I am glad that I lived up to my answer.

When I think about the last 10 years I can’t help but think about all of you too. Somewhere at every step or every stage you gave me the strength and the reason to keep pushing myself. Your participation in my life is such a huge encouragement that I am always charged up to do more and better myself every time. Every compliment that came my way acted like a shot of adrenaline . Every smile that came my way only added to my conviction.Every blessing that came my way made me more fearless in my approach.  And every time a girl said that she loves me – it made me fall in love with love.

I choose this occasion to tell you how much I love you. I love you not because you loved me (for that I am indebted)  but for all that you stand for. For what you are. For what you have been to each other. For what you teach me.

Keep smiling and keep spreading love.

Yours Rajeev!

Message From Rajeev.

Dear All,

Rajeev has asked me to share the following message with you as he is currently away and has no access to the internet. Here is the message:

“Thank you all for making Table No 21 such an amazing success! I am very glad that film such wonderful acclaim. In accordance with my promise of being seen more this year and coupled with the success of Table No 21 , I had been wanting to do something special for all my fans and especially those from the small and beautiful towns of our country where one may not get the opportunity to watch all my films. I have been wanting to reciprocate the love which has been showered on me so unconditionally from the day I started my career and all those who have given me so much love along the way. So when the opportunity for the appearance on HJNH came, I remembered the many requests to be seen on TV that came to me from your side and decided to reciprocate your love. Although it’s a ten minute appearance (Stretched over 3 episodes) I hope you all enjoy my gift!”



Aabhishek Patwari

4th January 2013


So, here we are! One more day to go. I have never felt more loved in life. The kind of good wishes pouring in for the film is overwhelming. I hope I live up to your expectations.

All those who are going to watch the film are more than welcome to post their views here. Good or bad, just be honest. I am going to watch the film day after so can’t tell you how it has finally shaped up.  But I can surely say that it is going to surprise you.

Anyway, I hope the year has started on a good note for all of you. May you achieve a lot of your dreams  and may you keep smiling throughout the year.

Love and best wishes,



Hongey Kamiyaab!


So…as promised i am being seen more! Is it not ? I just hope that i continue to live up to my promise throughout the year.

The year is coming to an end and (not the world) here we are – still together. I think this itself is a reason to cheer and celebrate for me. I hope we stick together in 2013 too and then the next year followed by every year. I am sure some of us may have had terrible times this year and some of us may have had excellent times and some a mix. But this is how an ordinary and normal human’s life is. What i guess we need to remember is that life will end only when we stop breathing. Till that last breath we need to make it worthwhile in whatever way possible. So smile and say – this too shall pass 🙂

Talking about resolutions this is the first time i am in the mood to make one. I have decided to break a lot more rules(not laws) in the year 2013. Rules which came into existence from nowhere and which have no rationale. Rules which stop the progressive minds to prosper and resign to self accepted defeat. Rules which are waiting to be broken. Rules which cast doubts in your mind. Rules which were created by the insecure. Rules which need to be set free.

I hope all of you too attempt to break the convention and go with your heart. Let 2013 be the year where all of us say – I HAVE IT IN ME TO CHANGE THE COURSE. Hum Hongey Kaamyaab!

Just a few more weeks left for the release. Tighten your seat belts as what you are going to watch has the potential of throwing you off your chair. I hope you enjoy the roller coaster.


lots of love and best wishes


Most Awaited Song!

Hi Guys,

I must confess that I have eagerly been waiting to share this song with you all! And now it’s finally here! 😀 Hope you all enjoy it. Do let us know in your comments.

Best Regards,

Aabhishek Patwari


P.S.:Recently here have been some issues with the moderation of comments. It will be attended to shortly. Thank you all for your patience. 🙂

Here It Comes!

Hi Guys,
It’s edgy, it’s dark, it’s seductive! Here is the trailer for Table No. 21.

Also have a few questions for you guys this time.

1.How did you like the trailer?

2. What did you like best about the trailer?

3. Would you play such a game?

4. What is the one thing that you are likely to lie about in your daily life?

5. On a scale of 1 to 10, how acceptable is lying to you?


Hope you enjoy the questions!



COM’ON MAN! – It’s About Time!

What must have been a casual expression on Facebook turned out to be a nightmare for the two girls from Palghar. It is quite shameful for a society that claims to be teetering on the brink of developed progress that something like this could happen, did happen and even more that it was allowed to happen.

I wonder for how long will cowards achieve their few seconds of fame by attacking innocent citizens. I use the word cowards because there is no bravery in singling out innocent, purposeful citizens. ‘Cowards’ because the roar of these hordes turns hoarse when it comes to raising their voice against the grave injustice being meted down to more than 100 crores of their fellow citizens everyday (scam after scam). The common man’s attitude has become sluggish, non-reactive, submissive, fearful and apathetic to it’s own cause, hence they become the easiest preys to the ambitions of these power starved cowards. It is hard for someone on top to realize that it is the common man who forms the wheels and cogs of this country and it’s character. Both the dominant and the submissive so easily forget that the power of the dominant is derived from the submissive. It is easily forgotten that progress and decline only affect the common man. Despite of being the majority and the most powerful force in the country the common man is strangely oblivious of his strength. These forces are quite happy with this attitude of apathy and come election time they thank us, they praise us, they boost the common man’s ego while his self esteem is being trodden on then they win and start by instilling fear into him and finally they tell him do not step out of your house, you are safe there. Repeatedly, His chosen leaders let him down – he does not complain. His rights are snatched – he does not complain. His administration does not protect his rights – he does not complain. A handful of people bully him – he does not complain. He is made to pay more and more taxes to fill the coffers of some people and not the country – yet he does not complain. The list goes on and on about the magnanimity of the common man.  Instead of thanking him for letting them survive, these forces have begun to believe that the common man is a scared lot and will be servile to their diktats. Is it not the common man’s magnanimity that despite being educated and purposeful in life he takes unjust oppression from an unemployed, good for nothing, aimless and wastrel without retaliating?

These forces who are just a handful as compared to the might of common man have begun to believe that they are powerful only because the common man has been silent. Are they right in their thinking? I asked and debated with a lot of people and this is a result of those discussions –  The day this common man unleashes his fury it has the potential of wiping out all these miscreants in half a blow.  Time is waiting for this common man to wake up. Nothing is constant except change. Is this change round the corner?



Life is beautiful!