Enroute to Mumbai

Hi everyone,


Here I am. Sitting at the airport Lounge of Nadi, Fiji and trying to figure out what exactly I am feeling.


It’s been almost 36 days in Fiji islands but feels like we arrived yesterday. Time flew and how! We worked almost everyday but I am not tired. We travelled to places everyday but it feels I have not seen anything. I met so many people but feels like I hardly socialised. All in all I think I will come back here again someday and live it all over again.


Looking forward to touching base in Mumbai. It’s been a while. Will write to you in detail very soon. Have to board the flight.




Fitter And Better!



Hi everyone,

Mighty touched by your concern and love. If this is how you love and care then I’d rather stay sick. But sadly, I have to tell you that I am fitter after a brief rest and better after reading all your mails and messages. I have resumed shooting sequences which does not involve any physical stress. Had hurt my shoulder and tail bone(very minor injury) while doing an action sequence. It was not a serious injury but I was advised rest for two days. So we shot some very light moments in the film. That’s it.

‘Thanks for everything’ is what comes to my mind while signing off!

Have to shoot tomorrow early at 6 so will catch you all soon!

Lots of love and yet more love,


Keep Smiling!

Hope all of you are doing well and living your lives to the hilt. Time never comes back(haven’t you heard this before ?) so this is your moment – live it up.

Well, I am in Fiji as most of you know and this is one of the most amazing places on earth. I am so happy that I could experience the Fiji culture and meet the warm, courteous and happy Fijians. A lot of people here are of Indian origin and speak hindi (not very fluently though) so it feels like an extended home. Also, the girls are so lovely and lively (hope Manjiri doesn’t read this) that it’s a joy meeting them(is it only in Fiji?)

The best thing that I found about these islands is the people. How proud are they to be Fijians. ‘Bula’ is namaste or welcome in Fiji. Every time some local says Bula to you, you know he/she means it genuinely and it is not just a ritual.  When I go for my run i see a lot of people walking on the roads(from all segments  of society). Trust me, it rarely happens that I look into someone’s eye and I don’t get a smile in return. It just makes my run worthwhile. And it makes me think that it just takes a smile to make someone feel good and feel good in return. Just a smile ! And at times how miserly we give it and so suspiciously take it, even though it doesn’t cost anything. well, I’m smiling at the moment 🙂 Are you?

The shoot is going smoothly and I am enjoying my work. I actually love my work. We have a superb team and there is a lot of camaraderie amongst everyone. It actually becomes a family here because you meet the same set of people (approx 70) everyday. Even though we are working hard I guess the climate and environment makes it enjoyable. Having said that let me add that the most stressful part of the shoot is yet to begin.

I am sure you guys have read about my email I’d’s. I am sure someone who who has no choice but to live off others is responsible for it. I hope he/she generates a lot of self esteem and confidence to stand on her/his own feet and cease to live like a parasite. Anyway, you guys can write to me at Rajeev_1016@yahoo.com.

Will be sending some pictures shortly. Till then, you take care and most importantly KEEP SMILING  🙂

Lots of love,


Hi All,
This is Aabhishek Patwari writing for Rajeev. 2 days ago Both of Rajeev’s email ids were hacked. While this is deplorable in itself, it is quite sad to see that some people will do anything to get meagre attention. All of us at Team Rajeev wish this person of these persons all the very best in life and hope that some day they may strive to be above such acts.

Team Rajeev

A New Road Beckons.


Okay. So I finally leave tomorrow. A new film, a new team and a new place. It will be a home away from home for more than a month. A lot of excitement, anxiousness and hope. Excitement about playing a new character, anxiousness about how will I be as Vivaan(that’s my name in the film) and hope that it shapes up just the way it is written.
So much goes within us when we embark on a new journey. Is it not? Whether it will work out for me? Whether i should take the plunge? Am i doing the right thing? Questions and more questions. I think we address all these questions but sadly miss out the most important question. The question that eventually will matter the most – WHAT DO I WANT TO DO? Everything will fall in place if we answer this one question. Anyway, I am just too excited to start this film and I hope you get to watch the finished product soon. To all those who are in some way or the other starting a new journey let me wish them a very successful journey. Remember – more than destination the journey will live with you.

I may hop across to New Zealand if i get some time after the shoot. Manjiri will be joining me towards the end of shoot. I will be back in the last week of July or first week of August (if I do New Zealand).

Will continue doing my bits to make this world a more liveable place. Hope all of us contribute in some way or the other and the intent never comes to an end.

Will write from Fiji soon and also send some pictures from there. All of you be good and take good care of yourselves.

Love and best wishes
Rajeev Khandelwal

Let’s Go For A Ride!



Bharat bandh today! Back in the day when I was in school we used to be very happy during such days as it meant holiday and the result of class test would be deferred by a day. But growing up, I realised that it is not just the result of class tests which get deferred but the progress of the nation also gets deferred by days. Anyone who calls for a bandh has nothing to do with any cause. Is it not funny that a political party decides to call a nation wide bandh without asking the citizens who make the nation. And we poor citizen just sit and watch while someone else decides for us. The fact is, it is all about showing your muscle and screaming your presence. Petrol prices have gone up and we all are facing the heat. But how does it help when you force the nation to incur huge losses to the tunes of thousands of crores by stopping trade, burning public transport, forcing the citizens to sit at home. Why don’t political parties sit on hunger strikes or adopt other non violent means to draw attention. Or even better call for a ‘no car day’. Two days in a fortnight if we shun the use of our cars/transport the consumption will come down along with prices (that’s my understanding)

Anyway, this post is not about sitting and grudging about issues. Everyone does THAT only. Let’s try and do something which ‘not’ everyone does. Lets do ‘our’ bit for ‘ourselves’. No social work, no philanthropy, no charity. Lets do something for ourselves. Let’s be cleverly mean. Let’s try and popularise bicycles once again. I remember my schooldays when going on my cycle along with friends used to be so much fun. Not many of you know that I have had a bicycle for the last four years AND I HAVE BEEN USING IT! As an actor it becomes a little difficult to move around on a bicycle but off late I have discovered ingenious ways to move around( got this wonderful slip on scarf to cover my face). I go to my gym or my in laws house(they live quite close by) on my bicycle whenever possible. It is so much fun. It also gives me a mental kick about saving fuel and contributing to the environment. I don’t have to look for parking spaces and i don’t have to look at the fuel pumps. I recently had to go to a five star hotel close to my house for a meeting and I was cycling my way back home after my work outs. Since I was running super late for the meeting I decided not to take the detour to my house only to pick up my car. I was worried as to how the valet guys would react and whether they will accept my bicycle for parking etc. To my surprise when I reached there I was not just accorded a warm welcome but I also heard people whispering – “Wow”! “Look at him.”, ” i should also get my cycle out” etc etc. So the moral of the story is – you will not discover certain things till you don’t do them. I urge all those who have bicycles and are not using it to think about it. Not just will we be saving the environment but we will also be fitter, smarter and ahead of lot of people(in a traffic situation like Mumbai you will literally be ahead of all the cars :)) So we do something for ourselves and yet do something for everyone. Is it not clever? Think about it!

Love and smiles

Welcome once again! :)



Hello and welcome to my new blog. As always I have been missing for a while but this time my blogsite too went for a vacation. My sincere apologies for displacing you people but this is my new and official blogsite and address where you can interact and write to me. My earlier blogsite is non existent as of now. I know a lot of friendships were forged there and I hope the same friendships blossom here too.

I have been doing a lot of things since I had about a month and half to myself. Went to Kashmir and to Uttrakhand for river rafting. One of the most amazing places to be. Since this was my wife Manjiri’s maiden trip to both the places it was fun. I made her trek in Kashmir and face rapids(term for waves formed in a flowing river) in Ganga. She was reluctant in the beginning but enjoyed thoroughly both the adventures. I am beginning to believe that doing the ‘not so ordinary’ things really changes your outlook towards life. I really want all of you to try and do the unconventional (positively) in any aspect of your life and see the outcome. It will surely have a permanent place in your memory album. By the way, I am seriously thinking of setting out on an adventurous trip as and when time permits. And this time I will ask you guys to join me if it excites you. It could be close to my birthday. Would you want to participate?

I have a lot of travelling to do from mid June onwards for work so wanted to make the best of the available time. Now I am back in Mumbai and preparing for the next film (will talk about it at the appropriate time). As of now, no film of mine is ready for release. Will keep you posted as and when any development happens.

I am sure a lot of you who like to follow my body of work must be reading news about me here and there. Should you have any doubts about the films I am doing etc please ask me here and I will show you the correct picture 🙂 please understand that as an actor give a go ahead to a few projects in a year. Some of them get completed and some of them are left incomplete for many reasons. It is very normal in the industry. So till the time I do not talk about any project please do not pin your hopes on it. Also, I have already clarified that I am not on any social networking site. So please beware of imposters.

So, I shall sign off at the moment and will catch you soon (I mean it this time).

Keep smiling

Life is beautiful!